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May 12, 2010 05:22 PM

any good late dinner options around cornwall?

hey ill be hiking storm king tomorrow night, and am curious if there's any later dinner options in that area. my friend suggested avocado on 9W, but has never eaten there. has anyone been? the only other place i could think of is the black forest inn in highland mills, but we'd have to make it there by 9:15ish (at least i know their food and beer is good though!). thanks for any info...

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  1. sorry, I'm not that familiar with the area but I know there is a place called Drew's On the Square in Cornwall. I've never been so I can't vouch for the food but according to their website they have trivia nights and such so I have a feeling they may be opened a little later.........

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      thanks for the rec GIOny. we actually ended up going to the black forest mill, cuz we wanted to have a beer. the food was good as always (i had a potato dumpling w/ gravy, and a side of red cabbage; nothing too crazy, but the dumpling was seasoned perfectly, and their gravy is out of this world). we were the only patrons at the bar too at 8:45 on a thursday, which i thought was odd, but we weren't complaining...i just love that place.