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May 12, 2010 04:41 PM

McDonalds Chicken McNuggets - they did something to them.....

I thought it was just me, but after 3 visits over a few months and reading on Yahoo question that others had the same opinion I know its not. One person described it as an "ammonia aftertaste." Im not quite sure if its the nuggets themselves or the sweet and sour sauce as they always go together. Anyone else notice this?

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  1. Read this article about it:

    I'm guessing that maybe the chicken is treated this way too?

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    1. re: jessicatl

      Thats an interesting article.....and you may be on to something. Im certain that this weird aftertaste is something new.... whatever the issue, Mcdonalds is close to losing my business altogether.

      Nuggets= bad taste
      Soda= automated machines means they cant do my diet with a splash of regular coke without a drawn out conversation/ on the verge of argument

      And these prices wars between the fast food giants has taken a toll on food quality big time. Oh well we are all better off staying away from this crap anyways