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May 12, 2010 04:25 PM

What's for Dinner XXXI

Wow - we are already over 200 again. So, here is a new thread and please share your menu's and secrets. What are you making tonight?

Oh - and this time it only took 5 days to get to 200!

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  1. Polenta and Chilean sea bass. The polenta took me an hour to prepare. Deb's the editor in charge of fish tonight.

    1. It's Retro Night: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and plain old green beans. Maybe I should make some Jello, too? ;-)

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        That's what I made for another family, and my sons that night.

      2. My goodness, I posted late last night and just coming online again now at 9ish, I can't believe how many posts there were since last evening!

        For all of you l who sent me good wishes and support with my recent lack of gas issue, I thank you all so much. Yes, it is tough to live in NYC.

        Yes, we had big burgers with grilled yellow and red peppers, red onions, mozzarella and a little pesto, mixed greens with crumbled bacon and a warm red wine vinaigrette and kattyeyes' most spectacular chocolate chip cookies. I used her recipe, adapted from another blog recipe; see the second page of her blog:

        After a week of salads and cold sandwiches, a little hot food was a wonderful thing.

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          YAY!!! So glad you were able to get your burgers, Amiga. The prep sounds real yummy. And yes, it is a tough place, but there's no place like it in the world, I just love NYC!!! I really miss it since I moved to the west coast. Just think of how much more "seasoned" you are, a true New Yawker!!

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            "For all of you l who sent me good wishes and support with my recent lack of gas issue, I thank you all so much. Yes, it is tough to live in NYC.".... bushwickgirl

            My god, sometimes I can be sooooo literal! I read this and thought, "I don't remember her talking about gastric problems." LOL! Glad they''re cleared up and you're cooking with gastric once again!

            1. re: Caroline1

              That's funny. Caroline, and it did cross my mind that someone might misintrepret what I wrote.

              No, it was lack of cooking gas, although gastric digress is what the whole episode brought me; we call it "agita" in Brooklyn. Phurstluv, I know you're heard that espression.

              Tonight, Spaghetti Carbonara, marinated broccoli salad with pesto, red and yellow grilled peppers, red wine and olive oil, and more of those luscious chocolate chip cookies, stuffed with dulce de leche ice cream. Making up for lost eating enjoyment time here.

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                Oy vey!! Not the AGITA!! Hahahaha!! Yes, that's an oldy but goody!!

              2. re: Caroline1

                ROFL! The MINUTE I read what you had quoted from bushwickgirl, Caroline, I knew you were thinking along those lines! Tee hee!

            2. Whipped up a cream of broccoli soup. Gently sauteed a couple of heads of chopped broccoli in butter with a bay leaf and lots of freshly ground white pepper and cardamom. Added salt and simmered in milk until very tender, pureed and thinned with stock. Adjusted seasoning, topped with shredded radish and yogurt, and served with some buttered rolls. A hit.

              1. Obviously, lots of home cooking going on. It's a good thing . . .

                Last night, it was leftovers for us: we had recycled fava bean puree on bruschetta (crostini?) before leftover ossu buco and risotto (very different as a leftover but tasty enough) w/ a side of (brand new!) spinach sauteed in olive oil and garlic.

                Tonight I threw some (rather mediocre) lamb chops (from the stupidmarket--thanks, Linda: perfect dx), slathered w/pesto, on the grill. (They were ok, but, really, we get better lamb from Sam's Club.) Sides were avocado/tomato/red onion salad and, leftover from last night, sauteed spinach--and, courtesy of nearby middle eastern rest., hummus w/WW pita. Umm, this is our idea of low carb . . . .

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                  LOL! Well, when lamb chops are mediocre, ncw, it's DEFINITELY a stupidmarket from which you bought them! LOL