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May 12, 2010 04:20 PM

Good chocolates in MD?

I used to go to the Candy Box in Catonsville when I wanted a box of chocolates for a gift. I liked their little crab-shaped chocolates when I was giving a box to someone visiting the area. But I was there yesterday and, well, the place is just too run down looking inside. Is there a place you buy good chocolates in the Ellicott City/Columbia/Catonsville area that you think are worthy of giving as a gift? I'm not comfortable driving into Baltimore city.

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  1. For simple, delicious, quality chocolate, I recommend Wokenfuss. Perhaps one of these locations will do: http://store.wockenfusscandies.com/in....

    My mom loves their nonpareils.

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      I like Wockenfuss too. The other stuff I've tried in MD like Sweet Cascades in Ellicott City or Kirchmayr in Timonium looks nice but is way too sweet for my liking.

      I've gone to Biagio Chocolate in DC and Artisan Confections in Arlington, but while the chocolates there are almost too gorgeous too eat, it's a long way to go from Columbia.

      Artisan Confections
      1025 N Fillmore St, Arlington, VA 22201

    2. Rheb's on Wilkens Avenue would be what I recommend. It's not that far from Catonsville. The chocolate smell wafting from the quaint shop is intoxicating. Their truffles are excellent and freshly made. FoiGras

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        I stopped at Rheb's today. Very nice. What a great location, right across from St. Agnes Hospital!! I got an assortment to try for the "audition", also got some yummy marshmallows covered in caramel. Thanks for that tip. I want to check out Sweet Cascades, too.

        Sweet Cascades
        8167 Main St # 2, Ellicott City, MD

      2. Did/does Candy Box make their own chocolate? Also, I didn't understand your original post. Had Candy Box's quality also dropped, or was it that you don't want to shop at a place that's run down looking regardless of their quality?

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          No, the Candy Box does not make their own chocolate. I don't know who they got it from. The original owners sold it, they were great. I continued to go there for quite a while after then new owners took over, although slowly their selection has been decreasing. Now it just looks run down. And they don't have the selection they used to. The new owners just don't seem as committed as the original ones, I can't quite put my thumb on it.

          Meanwhile - disappointed in Rhebs chocolates. Too sweet, the chocolate itself isn't quite what I hoped for. Wow - what a selection though.

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            My current local favorite is Glarus. I always go to their Harbor East location, but their original location is in Timonium. That might be a bit too far for you. Also, I don't see their Timonium location listed on their website!?


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              I think Glarus closed theri Timonium location....still going strong in Harbor East....Fabulous chocolates!!! all Home Made