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Grist Mill ---> The Falls ---> MJ's ?? (Tinton Falls NJ)

Driving past the old Grist Mill on the way home this evening, I noticed flags/rope strung across the parking lot driveway entrance and signs on the building indicating that "MJ's" [if I read the signs properly] would be having a grand opening in June.

Must've changed hands again. Seems like no one can make this place work lately. Or is there more to the story ?

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  1. Looked more closely when driving by this morning.....signs include the phrase "Pizza....Bar....Grill" so perhaps they are changing it to something less formal/more bistro-like ? From the contractor truck parked in front, also appeared as though some remodeling might be underway. No other clues though.

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      If this is the case they've not updated or changed the website (They are still touting their St. Patrick's day specials).


      No doubt some folks expecting their Spicy Sushi Tempura will be surprised...

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        The problem with this spot is there's NO parking as I had a friend looking at this place exactly for that type of concept.....breakfast/lunch. To try and compete vs Charley Brown's across the street, or fine dining in Portofino's also across the other side of the street was a quick path to failure in this competitive environment.

        As for pizza options, they are to be had nearby with Luigi's in Lincroft, Luigi's in Tinton, Little Silver's pizzaria (name escapes me) which I can't pass by without stopping. Not that I wouldn't mind a real good pizza place opening up there (just for the flyby/quick stop should I be in the area) as our choices from most anywhere for most of us who live in Monmouth providing at least 3-6 vg options within 10 minutes.

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          It always seemed to me that there is PLENTY of parking!

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            Are you referring to yet another Luigi's in Little Silver? Because it would be pretty funny if you were!

      2. Was there at lunch time. They are having code issues. They were not sure if they would be able to open tonight but seemed certain they would be open by tomorrow...

        1. This past Saturday night, I took my wife out to give it a try. We walked in & asked if we could sit on the outside deck. We were seated immediately. My wife ordered a Cosmo & me a bottle of Heineken. We wound up splitting an exotic salad with a burger for the wife & a Cuban Sandwich for me while taking in a million dollar view & the sound of the falls. Great value at $40 with tax. The place was fairly crowded with a lot of families & after dinner we walked upstairs to check out the bar scene, where the entertainment was getting ready to start. We'll be back! Maybe even with the kids.

            1. Tried MJs last night. Was Thursday about 6pm and was not very busy (A couple other tables on the 1st floor when I got there and then a party of 8 after I had been seated).

              Ordered the crabcake appetizer and the personal sized thin crust "Deluxe" pizza (Sausage, Pepperoni, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms).

              The crab cake was good, it did not seem to be lump crab as was stated on the menu. if it was lump, it had been over mixed to the point where the "lumpiness" did not seem apparent. It was fried, and the portion was large. It was served on greens with Corn Salsa and Tomato Remoulade. Was good enough to want to eat all of it, the greens and the Remoulade making a tiny salad.

              The pizza? Well... eh. I had ordered it on whole grain thin crust without the peperoni. You would expect that subtracting one meat element would result in an increase in the other (Italian Sausage), to compensate. As it was, I felt that the amount of sausage would have been deficient even if there was peperoni included. The other issue was seasoning. There just seemed to be not much of it. To give credit, they do provide a tray of seasonings such as red pepper flakes, oregano, Parmesan and garlic powder, but they don't really compensate for a lack of seasoning in the cooked pie.

              The service was friendly, informed and attentive and they seemed truly interested in most every aspect of the dining experience. No problem there.

              I'll give the place a few more tries as it is really close to where I live and I like the view. I'll try other offerings as I am not looking for a new pizza place (Am truly curious about their burger scene), and really want an establishment to actually succeed in what is becoming a "haunted" restaurant location.

              Website: http://mjsrestaurant.com

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                I went with my husband and daughter this afternoon, and I pretty much agree with you, Mark. I had the special clams on the half shell appetizer, which was ok, but can be much more wonderful on a hot afternoon. They were nicely chilled, but a little gritty, and came without lemon or one of those little forks that makes them so easy to handle. They tasted fresh, but a little, I don't know, mushy?. It's hard to fault a restaurant for such a variable natural product, though. I had the crabcake appetizer as a main course, and your description is accurate. I could have used a little more remoulade, and I thought the Corn Salsa was a little bland, but I rarely order crabcakes because they usually disappoint, and this one was really tasty. My daughter almost always orders lobster mac and cheese if it's on a menu, and this one was a winner, full of flavor, and whole claws. My husband's sausage and pepper pizza was just ok, much the way you described it.My daughter's tiramisu was kind of a standard pre-fab dessert. Our waitress was a total sweetheart, and I would definitely return to try some of their other choices.

              2. Went tonight. Jalapeno poppers were standard issue frozen, served with a smal ramekin of so-so salsa and another one of what seemed to be cream cheese (cheese stuffed poppers served with cheese?). Got a cup of the "ice chilled" gazpacho, which was actually pretty good, though it could have actually been better chilled (note: keep some bowls pre-chilled in the cooler to serve it in). Now the best news... Angus burgers are good! Got mine =Mark style (caramelized onion, bacon and bleu cheese with some chipotle hot sauce I carry for such occasions). Was cooked medium to order. OK fries and a good dill pickle spear. Again, service was very good.

                Admittedly I've not tried any of the serious entrees, but am feeling them out at this point. Am a 10 minute walk from there and am scoping out for a place to have a simple but good meal while watching snow fall on the falls (Wonder if my favorite table # 31 is still the one in the bar looking out the window on the falls?).

                1. Went on Thursday around 8:00pm, parking lot looked busy but inside was not. Waitress said the bar was crowded. The food was good. Tuna app was awesome. just some small things that could have been better. Salads were served in hot bowls, waitress ignored my comment about it. Waitress did not know the soup of the day. When leaving several of the staff members were hanging out on the front porch smoking and "taking shop". More care needs to put into the small details in my opinion. The place is new, they should be more on top of their game, first impressions are important.

                  1. Went for dinner tonight. Had the Fish & Chips. The fish and the steak fries were done to perfection; crispy but not greasy & not overcooked. Was served with a nicely sized house salad and ramekins of malt vinegar and tartar sauce. The only real quibble was with the salad; though it was a nice size... HOTHOUSE TOMATOES!? 'Cmon! It's late August in NJ. I realize this isn't Nicholas or Mumfords, but at least _try_ a nod towards seasonal items...

                    Amazingly, by 7pm or so when I was leaving, even though it was shaded and the humidity was low, there wasn't a soul out on the deck.

                    1. Was on rt.35 in Middletown today. The long vacant spot between Pizza Hut and Pathmark had a sign out saying coming soon: MJ's Bar and Grill. Anyone know if the TF one is moving, or if this is an MJ's 2?

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                      1. Based on reports here, we tried MJs in Tinton Falls for the first time. We sat on the back deck, which on a summer night is very lovely. The service was a bit slow (it was a Friday night and I get very thirsty and impatient on a Friday night). We ordered a french onion soup and two salads. The salads were fresh and well-prepared. However, delivered w/out dressing. It took a few minutes to get someone's attention to get the dressing. We'd go back because the food was fresh and given this area, inexpensive.

                        1. I have posted about my various disappointments with the Tinton Falls location which is in close proximity to my home. To be perfectly honest I have completely given up on the place but my opinions seem to have nothing to do with public opinion because they are packing them in. With that said Wednesday Night I worked late and was looking to meet up with a friend for a few cocktails and a bite to eat and watch the Devils game……after discussing locations he talked me into meeting him at the latest MJ’s in Neptune the location of the old Beacon Street Grill reluctantly I agreed.

                          I will say this much for the place MJ’s cleaned up the place very nice and for a pub style environment it is very well decorated and laid out…clean. (Beacon St. had started looking neglected) They had a DJ playing music and it was trivia night....there were probably 20 people at the bar…..it wasn’t a two deep crowd….but the DJ’s music level you would have thought the place was packed. The volume was way too loud to where having a discussion next to each other at the bar was near impossible.

                          It was $.50 cent wings night so we ordered a couple dozen…half traditional buffalo style and half in their Thai Chilli sauce. The wings were of nice size…plump and juicy….but I don’t like wings “lathered” in the sauce……like it is poured on….I’m more a toss the wings in the sauce get a nice coating on them and served that way. These were soaking in the sauce and the buffalo sauce in particular was very lacking. No “kick” to it at all. The Thai Chilli sauce was sweet with a lil bite to it overall pleasant…but again way to much sauce for my liking.

                          My friend ordered a Blue Cheese Burger with Bacon……but after the few dozen wings he was pretty satisfied only took a bite or two of his burger and wrapped it up to go. It looked good…..and he had no complaints about the few bites he had.

                          I ordered a special chicken breast topped with roasted peppers melted mozzarella and toped with a balsamic reduction served on garlic bread. When it was served the side of fries it came with dwarfed the actual meal it’s self. It was one medium chicken breast with the toppings etc. When I went to cut into it…with a steak knife the bread was so stale/hard it took a good 30 seconds of constant sawing to cut through to the plate. I actually laughed and then made my friend try to see if he could do it any faster better! The chicken was ok…..but didn’t seem to be “fresh” not juicy rather dry and the amount of balsamic on the top was more for decoration than for true flavor. We were the last order for the kitchen for the night….it was past 10pm by the time we were eating so I knew I couldn’t send it back or request anything different so I ate what I could and called it a night.

                          The next day I called my buddy and I thanked him….for what he asked….and I told him for reminding me why I gave up on MJ’s!!