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May 12, 2010 04:12 PM

Grist Mill ---> The Falls ---> MJ's ?? (Tinton Falls NJ)

Driving past the old Grist Mill on the way home this evening, I noticed flags/rope strung across the parking lot driveway entrance and signs on the building indicating that "MJ's" [if I read the signs properly] would be having a grand opening in June.

Must've changed hands again. Seems like no one can make this place work lately. Or is there more to the story ?

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  1. Looked more closely when driving by this morning.....signs include the phrase "Pizza....Bar....Grill" so perhaps they are changing it to something less formal/more bistro-like ? From the contractor truck parked in front, also appeared as though some remodeling might be underway. No other clues though.

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      If this is the case they've not updated or changed the website (They are still touting their St. Patrick's day specials).

      No doubt some folks expecting their Spicy Sushi Tempura will be surprised...

      1. re: chowin10

        The problem with this spot is there's NO parking as I had a friend looking at this place exactly for that type of concept.....breakfast/lunch. To try and compete vs Charley Brown's across the street, or fine dining in Portofino's also across the other side of the street was a quick path to failure in this competitive environment.

        As for pizza options, they are to be had nearby with Luigi's in Lincroft, Luigi's in Tinton, Little Silver's pizzaria (name escapes me) which I can't pass by without stopping. Not that I wouldn't mind a real good pizza place opening up there (just for the flyby/quick stop should I be in the area) as our choices from most anywhere for most of us who live in Monmouth providing at least 3-6 vg options within 10 minutes.

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          It always seemed to me that there is PLENTY of parking!

          1. re: JustJake

            Are you referring to yet another Luigi's in Little Silver? Because it would be pretty funny if you were!

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          1. Was there at lunch time. They are having code issues. They were not sure if they would be able to open tonight but seemed certain they would be open by tomorrow...

          2. This past Saturday night, I took my wife out to give it a try. We walked in & asked if we could sit on the outside deck. We were seated immediately. My wife ordered a Cosmo & me a bottle of Heineken. We wound up splitting an exotic salad with a burger for the wife & a Cuban Sandwich for me while taking in a million dollar view & the sound of the falls. Great value at $40 with tax. The place was fairly crowded with a lot of families & after dinner we walked upstairs to check out the bar scene, where the entertainment was getting ready to start. We'll be back! Maybe even with the kids.

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