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May 12, 2010 03:55 PM

Beecher's - Cheese of the Season Club

I'm curious if anyone out there has gifted or been gifted this, and what they thought. I was gifted it over the holidays last December, and have gotten 2 shipments so far. I have to say I'm fairly disappointed. I've been to the store, and I know they have a good selection. But so far, 2 of every 4 cheese hunks they've sent me have been their Flagship cheese. Fine. It's good. But by weight, I'd say it is making up 60-70% of the shipments. Now I've looked at the description on their website, and it looks like the trend will continue for the next 2 seasonal shipments. If my poor husband had known how little variety there was in these gift shipments, he may have shopped elsewhere. Isn't part of the pleasure of giving a gift like this the variety and exposure to different products?

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