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May 12, 2010 03:54 PM

Good spice dealer in SD?

Since moving to SD, I have NOT been able to find a good spice place. I'm not talking bottles of McCormick's powdery cumin at Vons (*shudder*). I mean whole green cardamon pods in bulk next to fenugreek seeds beside the grains of paradise. I have been able to pick and choose some in various ethnic grocers, but not any sort one-stop shop, which are great for discovering new flavors. Any advice?

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  1. Mail order - Penzeys...some things are worth planning for.

    1. Where are you located and where have you already looked

      Windmill Farms in Del Cerro has a fairly decent selection of bulk spices (many whole). Their turnover is moderate, I've never gotten spices there that were past their prime.

      You also might try the Indian markets up on Black Mountain Rd. in the Miramar area.

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        Seems many of the good rubs and such are order on line such as Gilroys Garlic Dude dust and Mansmith rubs. They will deliver to your hotel or residence.

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          San Diego Tea and spice are my favorite sources for top notch spices..

      2. I order all my spices from Le Sanctuaire. Great prices and arrive in about 2 days.

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          1. Have you tried North Park Produce? I just got home from the one in Poway. The shop's really crowded, but the selection is worth it. Their herb and spice selection is incredible. They even had frankincense (who knew?) The spices seem fresh and are very reasonably priced.