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May 12, 2010 03:52 PM

New Mexican restaurants.

Wondering if there are any in Montreal. I have a craving.

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  1. You might try Quetzalli, the restaurant that took over the "Los Classicos" location on St-Laurent opened couple of weeks ago.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Now that's interesting news. Do you have any more info? Is it the old Classicos owner?

      1. re: sweettoothMTL

        The same people as before are running it - the food is virtually identical, though perhaps a slightly smaller menu, and no liquor license thus far. Service seems a little better too, with several new wait staff and shorter wait time for the food. I was a regular before they closed, and am absolutely thrilled that they're back!

    2. Or are you talking about cuisine from "New Mexico"?

      1. I like Itacate. It's a small place, clean but not fancy .The people are very welcoming. Mexican coffee with cinnamon and the triple x house hot sauce you have to ask for and which should be respected mmmm......

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        1. re: texaspeppers

          Itacate is a small restaurant located at 59 rue Bernard E. just east of St-Dominique, prettier and far more spotless than "hole in the wall" usually indicates. Small family business. I hadn't posted it in this thread as while it hasn't been in operation for many years, it is only "new" in the sense that it has moved two doors east, to slightly larger premises, with a slightly more extensive menu. Very nice place.

          1. re: lagatta

            Of course, if the OP means "New" as in New Mexico, they're probably out of luck. Haven't heard of that particular cuisine being served here... Tex-Mex would be the closest we have, and AFAIK there's no place in that genre that's in favour with 'hounds.

            But for straight-up Mexican, Itacate is good, and pretty authentic according to a friend who's spent a great deal of time in Mexico.

            1. re: texaspeppers

              Itacate is on Beaubien, must have been a typo.

              I second (third...fourth...) the recommendations for Itacate, EXCELLENT food and super friendly servers. I am eager to go back and explore more of their menu!

              1. re: karela

                I also recommend Itacate. I went for the first time this Friday. Great authentic food. I`m Latin American and I have no complaints about their food. Their mole was a touch on the sweet side but the tacos al pastor were amazing. Their XXX sauce is actually hot, not wimpy hot like most restaurants. The prices are really good as well.

                1. re: karela

                  My brain hasn't been working properly of late - I have been working very hard on something non chow-related. Yes of course Itacate is on Beaubien, there is practically nothing at all on Bernard E.

                  Lovely little place.

                2. re: texaspeppers

                  I went to Itacate this weekend and I'll join the chorus of cheers for this charming little resto. I wasn't too hungry so I only had the tortilla soup and the gorditas de chicharron. I had a bite of my friend's tacos dorados and everything was very good although a tad undersalted for my taste. I shall return to sample other dishes. The horchata was great.
                  BTW what's with lollipops at the cash that taste nothing like the flavour advertised on the wrapper?!? LOL I took a lime one and it tasted and smelled like bubble gum! Too funny!

                  1. re: hungryann

                    I was there on Saturday too, (we were probably there at the same time). My wife is now addicted to this place.

                      1. re: hungryann

                        We're planning on heading to Itacate in the next couple of days. I looked at the Google maps, but can anyone who has been there give me an idea of the parking situation? Are there any lots nearby, or do we just have to keep our fingers crossed for metered parking closeby?

                        1. re: Erica2125

                          There's quite a bit of side street parking.

                          1. re: chilipepper

                            Agree - plenty of street parking, both free and metered. Just watch out for resident-parking areas/hours. You shouldn't have a problem.

                          2. re: Erica2125

                            There are no lots in the area (that I'm aware of) but we always end up finding a spot on Beaubien or one of the side streets (beware of permit spots). Worse case scenario you go around the block once. It's definitely easier to find a spot around Iticate than say looking for a spot on St Zotique for Bottega.

                            Erica, I would recommend a reservation too.

                            1. re: ios94

                              Thanks to everyone for the advice on parking. We had a chance to go there this weekend and it was fantastic, best Mexican/Texmex I've had in Montreal. We started with the guacamole and chips, very creamy and delicious. My husband doesn't usually care for guacamole and he ate almost the entire portion and raved about it. I had the chicken enchiladas verdes, chicken was moist and the green salsa was fantastic. My husband had the carnitas burrito, and that was even better. Everything just tasted incredibly fresh, even the pico de gallo on the side of the burrito dish tasted like everything was diced up right before it was delivered to the table. Prices can't be beat, this is one of my new favorites. And, I didn't realize they are open for lunch as well!

                              1. re: Erica2125

                                Their weekend brunch is super yummy, too!

                  2. I've enjoyed "Taco Express" in Chateauguay (10min over the mercier bridge)....very tasty and authentic.

                    Sure will try some of the other's tough to find someone around here that will turn the heat up and season they way things should be.

                    1. Just tried Itacate. Service was ok a little disorganized.I ordered Tacos de cameron al chipotle. It was tacos with Shrimp in some chipotle sauce. Although the shrimp was a bit overcooked it was delicious! There was only 8 small shrimps divided into 3 tacos. I was still hungry by the end so I asked for a small guacamole and got a tiny one. Luckily I was only charged 1$ for it:> Id definetly go back. Im disappointed in myself for not trying the xxx sauce.

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                      1. re: jay_81k

                        What about Tequila Taco? It's on the corner of Sherebrooke and St-Laurent.
                        Has anyone been there? what's it like?

                        1. re: Dusty08

                          I went a couple times. Was really impressed the first time I went. I had authentic tacos that came with salad and guacamole and rice. Was very reasonably priced aswell. But then I just found it grosser and grosser each time i went back. One example is that they put everything on the same plate, so your salad dressing gets all over your tacos and just ruins them completely. I brought somebody there the last time I went and she agreed that it was gross for that reason. I guess if I go back Ill just ask for the salad on a different plate. its worth a try though, wouldnt mind knowing what other people think.

                          1. re: Dusty08

                            I've been there a few times and have loved it every time. I'm from the States where Mexican is commonplace and had been scared away from Montreal Mexican by the 3 Amigos and the place on St-Denis across from the Carré St-Louis (Mañana?).

                            I initially thought Tequila Taco was going to be much blander and more expensive than it was. A plate of 3 small tacos is around $10. Delicious tacos (many flavor combinations to choose from) on chewy flavorful tortillas. There is salad nearby, but I didn't find it offensive in the slightest.

                            I've also tried the choriqueso and guacamole of the appetizers (around $7, I think) and both were great. The choriqueso is exactly what it sounds like, savory spicy sausage chunks melted in cheese. It's a calorie bomb, but worth it. The guacamole is tasty, too, but don't expect too many chips. They come arranged like a hedgehog, or a mutant stegosaurus on the guac.

                            Go and enjoy it!

                            1. re: Claire Ann

                              I ate here for the first time last night. It wasn't mind blowing and I prefer the kind of homestyle food that Hecho en Mexico offers, but it was still delicious and good value. My friend and I ordered 4 appetizers to share and that was more than enough food!

                              I thought the guacamole was a little bland, but liked the refried beans. We also had the sausage and cheese which was just ridiculously indulgent and delicious. We also had the tacos, second from the bottom of the list, which were nice, especially with the accompanying salsas. A very nice point was that since there were two of us, the waitress asked the chef to make a fourth (usually served in threes) so we could have two each. On that note, service was excellent throughout the evening, a definite high point!