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May 12, 2010 03:31 PM

Any Interesting New Restaurants in and around Kerrville

Time for our annual month long trek to the Kerrville Folk Festival. Anybody aware of any new and interesting restaurants in and around Kerrville (including Comfort, Boerne, Sisterdale)?

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  1. About 30 miles from Kerrville, 13 miles north of Comfort, is Alamo Springs. The burgers are wonderful and the onion rings are delicious!!!

    Alamo Springs General Store & Cafe
    107 Alamo Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

    1. As far as new goes, you might take a look at Grapejuice, a wine bar right off S. Baker on Water, I believe. They have a fairly good selection of beer and wine by the glass. I have eaten there a few times and been impressed although I stuck to appetizers and short stuff. Be careful, they have a 15 Dollar corkage fee for wine you buy in the store. For breakfast tacos try Ritas right down town, but I forget the name of the street. There is a TexMex halfway between Harper and F'burg that I cannot get enought of. Sorta' weird because I don't know what the reason is. Maybe fresh, home cooked food. Hamburgers: Hole in the Wall out on 27, Browns on S. Baker south of the river. There is now an Italian place where Kathys on the Water used to be. Not too hot imo but Kathy has a deli on Water that had a pretty good panini. For good cheap food, believe it or not, the deli in the Albertsons has been consistently pretty good. Have a picnic down by the river.

      1. It's been here a while, but River's Edge has a new owner/chef. The upstairs covered
        deck is wonderful for watching the sunse over the Guadelupe River and the apps. served
        up there are very good. Another place I like is the River Cafe in Ingram, at the end of the
        Old Ingram Loop. Good deli sandwiches, a daily special and burgers on a sweetish bun.
        The fries are excellent...sweet and russet potatoes. Pampells is seeing it's who-can-keep-track re-incarnation. I haven't personally eaten there, but have hear mixed reviews.
        Rita's is on Earl Garrett, across from the art center. El Gallo is the Mexican restaurant between F-burg and Harper, but they don't serve beer, nor will they let you bring it in. Mexican without cold been doesn't get my vote, but that's a personal choice. Enjoy the music and the food.

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          . Mexican without cold been doesn't get my vote, but that's a personal choice. Enjoy the music and the food.

          Generally, I would agree. But for some reason this place has the ability to bring me back without the beer.

          There is a Mexican place on the banks of Goat Creek with a nice deck (and beer) that is called "something" Taquiria that is not too bad. Not too sure how clean it is, but I have enjoyed several meals there, especially on the deck.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions.

          We went to River's Edge last September and it seemed to be still working out some kinks. It was good but needed some work.

          I prefer Tacos to Go over Mary's for breakfast tacos.

          We end up eating at Cafe Riverstone more often than anywhere else.

          Mac and Ernie's in Tarpley was worh the drive. Not sure if there is anything in Bandera to try.

          Anybody tried 814 - A Texas Bistro or the Terrace Grill in Comfort?

          Cafe Riverstone
          1521 Junction Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028

          7660 S Highway 377, Cresson, TX 76035

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            i am not 100% sure but isn't Cafe Riverstone and the place right next to it closed now?

            Cafe Riverstone
            1521 Junction Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028

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              Looks like it. The website is now in Japanese and lists that it is closed. Too bad.