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May 12, 2010 03:09 PM

Bakery on Maple Street

I think it is Maple Street Bakery. Folks this place is divine. Cinnamon brioche that will make you cry it is soooo good and everything I have had which isn't much has been wonderful. They just opened 2 weeks ago, it is on a corner, not much of a sign, across the side street where Starbucks is, 4-5 blocks off Broadway. Go you won't regret it.

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  1. I drove down Maple today and managed not to see this place. (Maybe they need a bigger sign.) What sort of baked goods (besided brioche) does it offer? Is the baking done on-site? Maybe I'll go later today...

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      The sign is just a small banner. It is in the space that was You-gurt and before that it was Jay's Bubbe Tea. It is next door to PJ's. They are very friendly and I think they do bake on-site. I saw ovens being installed. Not sure though.

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        They do bake on sight. All kinds of breads,focaccia,muffins, gooey fruit things,hallah, there is not much they don't have

      2. I had the croissants and some mini pastries and all were incredible!!

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          Fabulous place. Baker is Polish, and used to live in Greenpoint, so they make all varieties of Danish.

          Petit fours, croissants, breads of all varieties, were very good. They definitely bake on site. Open till 6. Ziggy (the baker) is very friendly, and will describe things for you at the drop of a had.

        2. We just tried it, and my husband is already addicted to--after just one--those cinnamon-raisin rolls!

          1. Nice article in the TImes Pic - Check the pastry-making video at the end:

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              Molly, thanks for putting this up, I wrote about the bakery on another forum. Ziggy makes the best breads and pastries. The amount of product he puts out in day with no sacrifice in quality is well above average. If you get a chance to try his seeded semolina bread do not pass it up. you will savor every bite.

            2. In NOLA this week from the Bay Area visiting my Mother in Law. Stopped by yesterday afternoon for a pastry fix and some coffee. Just loved the mini desserts - enough to satisfy our cravings. We read the story on and will visit again Sunday morning to try the croissants.