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May 12, 2010 02:10 PM

MONSTER Hot Dogs at Frank N Burger!

The Bountiful Gourmet has been missing in action for the past few weeks, but that means he was on the road, finding more great places to eat at ridiculous prices. Frank N Burger is our pick of the month. Located in St. James, not far from the Stony Brook campus, this new hot spots serves gargantuan-sized hot dogs that would make Dracula take a bite. The hot dogs are specially made, 12” long and the size of baseball bats. Let me assure you, there is nothing subtle about this dog, but it is delicious. On the Frank N Dog you can have up to 12 toppings for free, including bacon, ketchup, mustard, their special pink sauce, sautéed onions, ham, pineapple, mozzarella cheese and crushed potato chips. The price? An obscene $3.75. You heard me right. $3.75. For the price of a Nathan’s hot dog, you can have a work of art. And the combo, which comes with fries and a soda, is only $6.25. Who is the mad scientist behind this masterpiece? His name is Mauricio, and he and his family have restaurants in Suffolk. Using special ingredients, the dogs are fabulous, and they come on a roll specially made for the big 12 incher. Also on the menu is a huge Frank N Burger, a pound + of grilled perfection. It also comes with the same ingredients as the Dog. Think you’re a big eater? Try the Burger and Hot Dog in one sitting. You might also like the Wolf Dog, a behemoth smothered in chili with Monterey jack cheese, the Zombie Corn Dog, a foot long hot dog with special syrup, honey and whipped cream. Obscene, no? Newest item on the menu is the Medusa Burger, which challenges the gastro-intestinal tract with chili, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese and jalapeno poppers. This is for those who like it hot and aren’t afraid to admit it. Don’t miss Frank N Burger’s Hot Dog Challenge this summer. Frank N Burger is located at 739 Middle Country Rd, one block east of Lake Ave in St. James. Phone is 631-780-5693. It’s located across the street from Nathan’s Hot Dogs, but you’ll know you’re in the right place. This is the one with the lines. Other recent finds…. D’Angelo’s, 918 E. Jericho Tpke, Huntington Station 631-424-0653: Famous for its carousel styled façade and its trucks in Queens, D’Angelo’s is on the culinary map because of its sausage, onion and pepper heroes. They’re big taste and the grill sizzles with the peppers and onions as you wait. A Philly Cheese steak was decent, plenty of tasty rib eye steak but we wish the hero was larger. For $7.75 it should be. Hot dogs are jumbo Sabrett’s, which has earned D’Angelo’s accolades. A good place to stop and relax and very helpful staff. European Republic…New York Ave, Huntington Village. It’s been a while since we’ve been here. The Belgian style fries are still the big draw and they come with your choice of nearly 20 toppings. Parmesan is our favorite. You can have a combo for a measly $7.49 that includes a wrap and a big 16-ounce bottle of soda. The Republic is open late and is great for a quick pick up when you’re visiting Long Island’s Greenwich Village. There’s nearly two dozen items on the menu, and all are well worth the trip. But oh, those fries ... crispy and crunchy. Paradise by the dashboard light.

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  1. Can you give a little more information about the actual frankfurter at Frank N Burger? Such as the type of dog (all beef, beef/pork), the brand or who makes it, if it has a casing or is skinless, and how it is prepared. Grilled, griddled, deep fried, boiled? These things are much more important than the crap you put on the dog.

    Pink sauce, ham, pineapple, crushed potato chips? Ketchup? Sorry, these things only serve to mask the flavor of a quality frankfurter. Which makes me suspicious. Maybe the purpose is to cover up the taste of an inferior frank with these things.

    Syrup, honey, whipped cream? You're kidding me, right? I haven't eaten here so I can't say if the actual frank is a good one or not. But at least at Nathan's I know I'm getting a top quality natural casing beef frank prepared well on a griddle. It's always hot and has a nice char that has been imparted from the griddle. Great with a little mustard, a quality dog doesn't need a bunch of trendy toppings to hide the flavor. I'm buying a hot dog, not a casserole.

    It seems that lately whenever a hot dog stand is reviewed, the reviewer focuses on secondary things such as toppings rather than the actual frank and how it's prepared. Frank N Burger could prepare a bland skinless hot dog on a roller grill like they do in movie theatres, gas stations and convenience stores for all I know. When I post about a hot dog establishment, I describe the actual frank, what type of dog it is, where it comes from, the casing, method of preparation, how many to a lb, and how it tastes. Toppings are secondary.

    You can dress a bag lady in a ball gown. That doesn't make her a debutante.

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    1. re: hotdoglover

      I just happened on this thread as one of those ones randomly appended to the bottom of the one I was reading; I guess I missed it the first time around.

      I just wanted to note strong concurrence with what hotdoglover said. It isn't easy to find a great hot dog where what we're talking about is the actual hot dog.

    2. what the heck is this?

      you should check out roadside stand in Seaford, Tre Amici's

      1. Reminds me of what they do to dogs in Chicago...put everything but the kitchen sink on em. I'm a NY-er from birth, and I just like my dogs with natural casing, a nice deli mustard and a little sauerkraut. That's it. Perhaps there is a market for these creations, but they won't be seeing me.

        Nathan's in Oceanside..... now that's a great dog! (Great fries too)

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        1. re: menton1

          Unlike Chicago-style pizza (it ain't pizza), I rather like a Chicago dog. I don't find that the ingredients overwhelm the frank. It's not my preferred way of eating a hot dog, but I'll absolutely take it Chicago style rather than with chili or cheese, or something truly evil like pineapple.