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Good place to buy beef? (westside L.A.)

Anyone know a good meat market or place to purchase beef for home cooking? Specifically, I'm looking for decent bone-in cuts of steak on the westside.

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  1. McCall's Meat & Fish Company
    2117 Hillhurst Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

    Not sure if that's close enough, but their products are top notch. Not cheap, but worth it.

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      Yes, and it's 20+ miles from the westside, which the OP requested.

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        Lol, didn't realize it was that far. Living in Santa Clarita has skewed my view on how far I will go for good food.

        1. re: spoggly

          Totally know what you mean. And in reality, it's NOT far, it's just the traffic situation sucks.

    2. Huntington Meats at Farmers Market 3rd and Fairfax.


      Huntington Meats
      6333 W 3rd St # 350, Los Angeles, CA

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          I bought some beautiful USDA Prime spencer cut steaks from Huntington Meats. They were DELICIOUS. I highly recommend them and their grass fed beef. Definitely, will be returning here for future meat needs. Thanks everyone!

          Huntington Meats
          6333 W 3rd St # 350, Los Angeles, CA

      1. Bobs Market in Santa Monica has great steaks.

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          Vicente Foods in Brentwood was great prime steaks.

        2. Mid-Wilshire but worth the trip is Harvey's Gus Meats. Dry aged prime beef at great prices but must be ordered a day ahead.

          1. There has been a Halal beef, lamb and goat grass fed meat vendor @ Mar Vista, Venice and Culver City farmer's markets. The prices are good and the meat is very good. Check the out if you have the chance.

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              +1 on that stand - we've caught them at the Mar Vista FM. We've had their lamb and it was excellent. You will pay more - they're no Costco obviously - but the cuts are wonderful.

            2. The butcher in the market at the top of Beverly Glen (aka Beverly Glen Market) has great beef and an assortment. He also ages his own prime beef. Ask for that. The stuff in the case is very good, but the special stuff comes off the side of beef he has hanging in the back. Great Porterhouse. Pricey, but great.

              1. Beverly Glen market has just been reopened, by the original founding owner, he was originally a butcher from back east, (New Jersey), this guy really knows his meats, he is carrying the finest aged choice and Prime beef, anywhere in this city.