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May 12, 2010 11:34 AM

Falafel - need lots for delivery - Sehadi's or Zaytoons Smith St?

Hi 'hounds! I need to get a big platter or tray of falafel balls for a party this weekend. Who makes better falafel?

Sahadi's on Atlantic (I think they're $4 a dozen)
Zaytoons on Smith (almost $7 a dozen)

thank you falafel experts

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  1. Mr Falafel on 7th Ave between 3rd and 4th St in Park Slope makes some of the best Falafel's I've ever eaten -and I've had falafels from here to Israel and back. They're so good that they've been mentioned in New York Magazine and elsewhere.

    1. judging by the felafel at the Vanderbilt Ave locations, felafel is not a strength of zaytoons. Id go with Mr Felafel in preference definitely. dont know about Sahadi - what about Waterfalls?

      187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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        Waterfalls' new management has brought over their own recipes (some good, some terrible). The falafel falls into the terrible category. I loved Wafa's - but this new stuff is inedible IMO.

        1. re: EJC

          really appreciate the clarification - wondering here do you think OP can find good felafel now?

          1. re: jen kalb

            Thanks for the Mr Falafel suggestion. Hope to check them out before the weekend.

            Does anyone know Mazzat's falafels on Columbia Street, near Union Street ? I think they are green inside -- made with lots of parsley.

            1. re: jen kalb

              In the immediate area, I don't mind the falafel at both Fountain and Fatoush. They fill a void when needed.

              However, (and I realize that it's of no use for the OP), I now find myself calling my grandmother and having her freezing and fedexing falafel to me when the craving hits. Not perfect, but it tastes like home.
              That being said, hers are very green inside, so perhaps I should check out Mazzat?

              208 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              1. re: EJC

                I have been meaning to check out Mazzat for ages b/c I live nearby, but have heard reports from trustworthy people in the neighborhood that their falafel is delicious.
                If anyone gets there before me, please post about your experience.

                208 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        2. how are going to reheat them? or have them arrive when you need them?--best falafel in the city I think are at Taim in the west village--if you're looking for green insides. I've had some decent renditions though on Coney Island ave at a few of the places there--but again, take note, there is a difference between Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Israeli falafel..which has been hammered out somewhere in another thread from ages ago--I know a lot about falafel all over Queens--but not in, curious to hear if you've got some good Israeli falafel abound somewhere....also, note, that many Egyptians put fava beans in their falafel, which might cause an allergy situation if you're having a party to ask and make sure just chickpeas being used....and of course, get some authentic hot sauce from wherever you get it, and tahini--