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May 12, 2010 11:29 AM

suggestions en route to Grass Valley [moved from San Francisco Bay area board]

I'm heading up to the foothills of the Sierras this weekend, and am curious to hear suggestions of eateries to explore either on the way or up in the Gold Country.

For example: is there a Thai Temple serving food? or a great Vietnamese spot in Sacramento?


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  1. We had a very nice lunch at Hawks in Granite Bay which unfortunately for this thread is out of the bay board. Also a good grilled cheese with bacon sandwich at Awful Annie's in Auburn.
    Apparently Hawks dinner were ok also.

    1. Villa Venezia was great a few years ago, then really fell off its perch on a second visit but a third one renewed faith in Grass Valley:

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        If you like chocolate, there is DeGroot's in Nevada City downtown, and also a newish shop in GV downtown. Very good quality, both placesIf you like prok products, PJ's. Great meats and deli items.

        also, if you are a fan of Grocery Outlet, the GV location takes the cake! You can get the wildy wonderful Truckee Sourdough bread there, fresh everyday. The #1 GO in the state.

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          Oh goody, will try to stop by the GO. going to be there over the weekend. Thanks toodie_jane!

      2. Tuk Tuk in north Sac gets consistently good reviews on this board.

        Katrinas in Auburn for great breakfasts, sands, home cooking
        On the east side of 49 just north of Hwy 80

        Diegos in Grass Valley, Chilean, creative dishes

        Sopa Thai in Nevada City is quite good, beautiful garden seating

        Ike's Quarter Cafe in NC, breakfast, creole dishes

        Haven't beef in a while but New Moon and Citronee for higher end have bee fine in the past.

        Tuk Tuk Restaurant
        4630 Natomas Blvd Ste 150, Sacramento, CA 95835

        Ike's Quarter Cafe
        401 Commercial St, Nevada City, CA 95959

        New Moon Cafe
        203 York St, Nevada City, CA 95959

        1. Rocklin: The Golden Dragon Chinese. The BEST. Get the chinese menu according to everyone. I just get the combo meals for lunch and they are really really good.

          Loomis: For more upscale with a great experience, try The High hand Nursery in Loomis. Great dining in the Atrium. Wood fired pizzas and a fantastic nursery, art gallery, pottery shops.... A great deli too on site..

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            That is not the website for the GOLDEN Dragon in Rocklin.

            Other ideas in Auburn: the Brewery and Ale house has great beers and pretty good food.

            Lattitudes is pretty good too, right in Od Town.

            Weiner Works (On 49) great beer steamed dogs and fries.

            Second, Diego's. My favorite place in all the GV, NC area...Also in Grass Valley,Goomba's is pretty good Italian. both on the east side of 49 in grass valley along with a fantastic coffee shop and bakery, Summer Thymes. Great space, they really try to be organic and local.

            On the west side of 49 (Old town)
            Marie's has been totally remodeled and is pretty good mexican in a great space...Kane's is excellent. I had a very good meal at The Holbrook Hotel a couple of weeks ago too. Tofanellis is great Italian and has a wonderful patio.

            Also another fantastic coffee shop/bakery is Caroline's. Great coffee and a great place to hang.

            At the Brunswick Basin is Paulette's Kitchen. Great breakfasts. Best in the area IMO...

            Latitudes Restaurant
            130 Maple St Ste 211, Auburn, CA 95603

            Tofanelli's Restaurant
            302 W Main St, Grass Valley, CA 95945

            1. re: bennyboy1

              Had breakfast at Kane's in downtown GV last December and must report that it was wonderful. Good hands in the kitchen.

              The room was contemporary, artfully decorated, the tables and booths comfortable, service attentive yet relaxed, food fresh and well-prepared.

              Delicious. Made me want to stay in the area for dinner.

              Also at the Brunswick interchange on 49: Sierra Mountain Roasters. Excellent freshly roasted coffees and very good pastries and breads. Just off the "southwest corner" of B'wick, backing up to the freeway. Two doors down from Weiss Bros. Nursery, as a landmark.

              If you enjoy the sport of discount grocery shopping, not to be missed is the local Grocery Outlet franchise on the east side of 49 at Bwick. The largest selection of wines and spirits of any GO according to the owner, and a huge array of foods, household and assorted gift items (one summer they had massive antique Chinese wooden doors). They carry wonderful *sigh* Truckee Sourdough breads and have a large selection of fresh produce, nursery plants, cheeses and fresh meats. Always an exciting part of my GV trips.

          2. Avoid New Moon in Nevada City - really over-hyped, over-priced, unskillfully prepared food.

            New Moon Cafe
            203 York St, Nevada City, CA 95959

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              Glbtrtr, that's perfectly put but I have also experienced unskilled service at New Moon.

              New Moon Cafe
              203 York St, Nevada City, CA 95959

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                I could concur since the "service" were the ones caught red-handed touting their dishes to the customers, that badly failed to live up to their recommendations. They were really appalling. And made all the more disappointing by the servers glowing hype.

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                  Sad to hear, they once were actually on their game both food and service wise. Haven't been for some time, and probably won't again hearing these comments. We always seem to end up at least once per visit, sometimes twice, Ike's is always a lock, and Diego's if we can time things right coming in through GV.