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May 12, 2010 11:24 AM

Good restaurant/event to take out of town co-workers

My husband's senior management team is coming to Philadelphia and it's up to him to plan an event to show them Philly. They are here for one evening only (not sure how long, could include late afternoon). If you wanted to impress them and give them a relaxing evening or an evening that says "This is Philly", what would you do and where would you take them to eat?

My husband's thought was some place with a fantastic view they could relax and chat in, my thought was a walking tour and then a great Center City restaurant.

What do you think? They are not stuck in Center City, they can travel a bit if needed.

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  1. What kind of budget per person?

    How daring a menu?

    Any cuisines outright yay or nay?

    How big of a party?
    Bar essential or BYOB acceptable?

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      I think they are looking for either uniquely Philly or a relaxing night out., flexible. $25/$30 ish a person perhaps? Menu could be slightly daring. 9 People. Bar is not essential although I would imagine it would be nice. Doubt they'd bring a bottle, they just wouldn't drink if that was the case. It's not a deal breaker, they just won't have a chance to go buy anything before dinner.

      Does that help?

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        Uniquely Philly is a little hard to define. Of course, we have Jose Garces' empire of small plates restaurants like Amada and Tinto, but prices can add up quickly and you're not going to get more than 2-3 small plates for that price (when 4-5 is more what you need for an actual "meal".) We have a great BYOB scene, but again, at most of the places I'm thinking of you're looking at $20-25 just for an entree, never mind any apps, drinks or desserts.

        South Philly Italian might be the way to go, as I don't think the prices are as bad, it's certainly a Philly "thing", and you could always have a walk around the market in the afternoon before dining. It's more red gravy food than unique or innovative Italian.

        Zahav is quite popular and trendy these days if they want to try something different, and I think they regularly have a $35 or so tasting menu in the evenings that people love? I've never been, myself.

        Chinatown has some great choices for reasonable prices - Rangoon for unique Burmese food, Vietnam Palace for good vietnamese in an attractive setting.

    2. You could go on a short walk of the city hall/broad street area, see the "Love" sculpture, and then take a picture in front of the Rocky Statue and run up the steps of the Art Museum. The Art Museum area has lots of unique restaurants...Figs is my favorite on Meredith Street, and it's a BYOB. I also noticed that Osteria is in that neighborhood, and Yelp said they have a wine list...but I've never been there so I can't vouch it. Just be certain to tell everyone to wear walking shoes beforehand!

      They should sample a cheese steak as well, but perhaps, it would be better to order that for lunch and bring it to your event. Most steak places won't have a comfortable atmosphere for nine people.

      Elaine from

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        If you are looking for an event, if the Phils are in town you can't go wrong with a night at the ballpark.

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          Just a comment on the Phils. That is going to be a hard ticket to get without purchasing it on the aftermarket at a significant premium.

          Personally I would do some tour of Old City followed by dinner at a place like Amada. If you want a revolutionary feel, you could consider City Tavern though the food there is questionable.

      2. Because he'll already be downtown why not Jones on the corner of 7th and Chestnut it has bar and great food.

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          I strongly disagree, I would not consider Jones even the 3rd best restaurant on that block of Chestnut.

        2. One great idea would be a Mural Tour, though I don't know how much it would cost.
          There are choices of different sections of the city - center city or south philly would be interesting. This is very much a Philadelphia project, and people enjoy it and are very impressed.
          Then you could end up with dinner.
          It also has the advantage of being easy for anyone who has a problem with walking.

          1. Take them to big, nice places with good service and food. Amada and Barclay Prime come to mind as locally owned places that fit the bill.

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            1. re: barryg

              Would either of those choices really work with that kind of budget limitation, however? Especially in the evening?

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                Sorry, I didn't see the budget limitation. You are right that these restaurants are too expensive. If I was trying to impress senior management I would be willing to pay fine dining prices. This is a tricky request at $25-30pp especially if the OP wants nice atmosphere in Center City. The suggestion of Zahav @ $36pp is a good compromise I think.

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                  You could do the roasted pig at Amada for $38pp.