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May 12, 2010 10:49 AM

Quiet Coffee Shop -- College & Bathurst / College & Spadina area?

Hi All,

I am on the hunt for a quiet coffee shop where I can conduct a 30 minute interview with someone. I know coffee shops aren't ideal to begin with, but I just need somewhere that isn't ridiculously noisy (like a Starbucks), where I can conceivably tape record without too many coffee grinders going off in the background.

Can anyone recommend somewhere relatively serene on College between Spadina and Bathurst, or even east of Bathurst, but no farther than Ossington. My usual haunts, like Manic, are certainly out of the question.

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  1. The Second Cup aka The Grad Room on the NE corner of the Spadina/Harbord intersection. It's where I go to write and read—and have a nicely brewed Continental Dark.

    1. Hibiscus (vegan lunch place) on the west side of Augusta just north of Nassau is quiet, if small. You can always just order a drink instead of food.

      Pennylicks is a quiet coffee shop on the east side of Augusta, just south of Oxford. They have seats in the back that are quiet.

      1. Tim Hortons Queen & Bathurst

        1. Why not just go to Negron at College and Palmerstoni? Failing that, Gatto Nero isn't too bad, at College and Crawford.