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May 12, 2010 10:13 AM

Vancouver: any really good ginger beer to buy before cruise?

Debating about packing some bottles of my favorite Australian brand ginger beer (Bundaberg) for our cruise leaving from Vancouver. Ship only sells a US brand ginger ale. I like the real stuff, deep flavored and strong.

What local favorite brands of ginger beer can be purchased in Vancouver and any shops close to Canada Place? Thanks.

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  1. Googling for ginger beer in Vancouver, I kept running into articles touting Boneta restaurant in Gastown. Is it as good as its buzz or is this all marketing hype? Thanks.

    1. Slightly off-topic but have you checked to see if they'll allow you to bring it on board? Some don't and even xray checked bags. You'd hate to go to a lot of trouble only to have them impound it til the end of the cruise.

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        Even if Boneta has one, I doubt they'll sell it bottled. I don't recall any local bottlers, but would generally recommend that you pack some Fentiman's, though, per c oliver's comments, you'll need to confirm that you can take it on board.

        The closest place to Canada Place that I can think of to buy Fentiman's is at the IGA on Robson and Richards. You can get Boylan's birch beer there too.

        1. re: clutterer

          I was wondering about Boneta for dining. How is it really compared to all the buzz out there on the blogs. They even have poutine, which is aboot as Canadian unique as they coom. (Bad accent, bad joke)

          And I gather the IGA is your local supermarket? That was recommended for their good selection of ginger beers so thanks for letting me know this is downtown too.

          1. re: glbtrtr

            I've never eaten at Boneta so will defer to everyone else's opinion. There is an ever-increasing number of restaurants in Gastown, so you've got a number of options: Pourhouse, Diamond, Judas Goat, Salt, Boneta, Guu, etc etc.

            The IGA is a Canadian grocery store. Another option, that might be closer to Canada Place, is the Urban Fare on 305 Bute St: They are a bit more of an 'upscale' grocery store (or at least claim to be) so I'm assuming they carry Fentiman's and all sorts of other things.

            838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

            Pourhouse Restaurant
            162 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2, CA

            1. re: clutterer

              Boneta is good and has an ever changing menu - the food is pretty inventive. Good cocktails (despite the departures of their top-line bartenders last year.)

              I haven't been there in a while so YMMV.

          2. re: clutterer

            I second Fentiman's if you love a nice ginger-y brew. I even thought I saw some ginger shards/pulp floating around in there.

            I recently tried Fentiman's for the first time down in Portland, and then was surprised to find out it's made in Burnaby. I love ginger beer but hadn't noticed it being served much in restaurants in Vancouver and haven't looked out for it in stores yet... but definitely will be on the lookout.

          3. re: c oliver

            Good question, but yes unlike many other cruise lines Holland America Lines cruise ships let you not only bring on your own soft drinks, but wine as well. But for some reason no beer. Ginger beer being a soft drink is okay and have done it in the past, but only on Holland America ships - this one being the Zuiderdam.

          4. Ummm, Superstore has President's Choice Jamaican-style Ginger Beer in 2L and cans for really cheap. But the closest Superstore to downtown would probably be the one on Grandview and Rupert. Or you could take the Skytrain to Superstore in Metrotown and lug it back downtown.