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May 12, 2010 09:52 AM

Chunky Pam's Sweet Shop in Darien?

Signage popped up recently - it's not yet open. I can't find any information about this business online.

The commercial space seems to be the former Fairbanks Photo, across the street from the Darien Sport Shop.

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  1. I can't find anything either although it is listed as a sponsor for the Darien Library Spring Gala and also for the Darien Chamber of Commerce.

    There was a P&Z report approving a small bakery/corner shop back in Dec 2009 for the old dry cleaners location on Noroton Ave and Maple St but I couldn't find anything else about a sweet shop. Will be interesting to see what this Chunky Pams Sweet Shoppe is like when it opens!

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    1. re: SeoulQueen

      Anyone have an update on what Chunky Pams is about? Specifically would this place be appropriate to bring young kids after a movie/birthday party in Darien?

      1. re: chipmonger

        This would be a great place for the kids, as long as it's not too large of a group. It's a very small place, but they have a nice selection of candy and the owner is wonderful and very friendly. Are you okay with purchasing candy for the kids, because they probably won't want to leave without something!

        1. re: BrianCoralian

          Thanks for the info :-) Yep it will be a small group.