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Jamaican or Caribbean in Western Mass

corinnerose May 12, 2010 09:29 AM

Someone recently told me about a Jamaican place in Springfield called "One Love," but all my internet research has lead me to believe the only "One Love" is in Worcester. Anyone know otherwise?

What about Original Jamaican Blend (food market and deli)‎ or Golden Krust Bakery in Springfield? Someone else mentioned Talk of the Town in Springfield, too, for Caribbean food.

Anyone ever been to any of these? Can you recommend one? Any recommended dishes? Or any others in the Western Mass/North-Western CT area?

Original Jamaican Blend
341 Wilbraham Rd, Springfield, MA 01109

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  1. estnyboer RE: corinnerose Nov 7, 2011 09:16 PM

    A friend and I were traveling through Springfield and stumbled upon D&G Jamaican Cuisine. In Los Angeles, Jamaican restaurants are almost non-existent so we pulled in immediately. It took a while for them to get the food together but it was Nice. Oxtails for me, a whole fried fish for Dave. Plenty of rice and beans and we tried the mac and cheese as a side and it was great. What a find. Very friendly service.

    D&G Jamaican Cuisine
    5 Preston St, Springfield, MA 01109

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    1. re: estnyboer
      corinnerose RE: estnyboer Nov 18, 2011 01:34 PM

      what? I can't believe I've never noticed this place. Where is it exactly? I can't really see it on streetview--is it a small green place? Is it sit-down/menu style? What else do they have?

      You might want to also check out this thread (i posted there about another Jamaican place in Spfld):

      1. re: corinnerose
        estnyboer RE: corinnerose Dec 16, 2011 03:33 PM

        It's yellow. It's on a corner. Casual sit down. A lot of people were getting take out. Don't be in a hurry!

    2. j
      JohnnyRoaster RE: corinnerose Nov 8, 2011 12:53 PM

      I can confirm that "One Love" is in Worcester. I think the person was confusing Worcester and Springfield. I have been there a couple of times and the food is quite good. Just don't be in a hurry as every dish is cooked from scratch.

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        im hungry RE: JohnnyRoaster Nov 18, 2011 03:31 PM

        west hartford has a bunch of places...we only had a few hours,but a great few hours,good jerk,patties,etc.,and stocked up on sundries too!!!

        1. re: im hungry
          saturngrrl RE: im hungry Dec 18, 2011 03:21 PM

          Can you recommend any specific places in West Hartford?

          1. re: saturngrrl
            estnyboer RE: saturngrrl Dec 19, 2011 04:20 PM

            Yes, I 2nd the request. Driving into W. Hartford if you don't know the neighborhood is a bit intimidating.

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