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May 12, 2010 08:18 AM

Great food in Valencia?

I am visiting Valencia this summer for a second time--the first short visit just wasn't enough! During that first visit, I had a fantastic meal at Ca' Sento. For this visit, I wondered if anyone had a good recommendation for more rustic, down-home cooking. I love rice dishes, but is there a good place to get them within the city? Any other suggestions? Many thanks!

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  1. Oh, I was just in Valencia and went to a classic paella joint that had been mentioned in a Telegraph article ( ). La Riua (Calle del Mar, 27, tel. 96 391 45 71, Mon-Sat 2-4pm; Tues-Sat 9-11pm) definitely met/exceeded my expectations. We had paella Valenciana with chicken, rabbit, and beans. They also had a decadent-looking stewed rice dish with lobster, a generous arroz negro, a delicious-looking clams starter. The beer on draft is icy cold and great with the paella.

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      My best experience ever in rice dishes was --around ten years back-- when i was "kidnapped" by some friendly locals and carried to an unpretentious/humble-look restaurant in the Albufera area where we had some unforgettable casseroles of 'arroz con bogavante' (soupy rice with clawed lobster) washed down with chilly white wine in an upstairs dining room; then, that party finished with coffee, cigars and a wide array of Scotch whisky. I was 'kidnapped' again to my hotel and I DON'T KNOW WHERE I WAS. Do locals can help??