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May 12, 2010 06:43 AM

Restaurant Recommendations in Montreal


Will be visiting Montreal for the long weekend with a friend. Looking forward to sample what Montreal has to offer so I would appreciate any restaurant recommendations. Thanks!!!

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  1. What type of food are you lokking for? Budget?

    There are a few classics to try in Montréal, such as poutine, smoked meat and bagels. Let us know what you re looking for so we can post some suggestions!

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    1. re: Gosha

      Thanks for replying!
      I guess anything and everything as long as the food is good. Looking forward to trying what Montreal has to offer. Budget would probably be low to mid-range. Recommendations on where to get the best poutine, smoked meats and bagels would be great!

      I went through some posts and read about Au Pied De Couchon. Am hoping I can get a reservation there.

      This might be a silly question but Is Montreal known for fondue?

      1. re: EatMePls

        Fondue is not Montreal's forte.

        Au Pied De Cochon is nice, but can be expensive if not careful! (IMO the day specials are usually better than the regular menu)

        You could do late night dining at some better restaurants for reduced meals (Milos, Lemeac, ... ).

        Couple of ethnic-ish places: Tasso (greek), Petit Alep (syrian), Kaza Maza (lebanese), Pinxto (spanish-ish tapas),
        Some classics for brunch (if needed): Sparrow, Reservoir
        Other suggestions : Graziella (italian), "La Grange", "La Salle à Manger" ...


        18425 Rue Antoine-Faucon, Pierrefonds, QC H9K1M7, CA

        1. re: Maximilien

          For fondue cravings , I go to Fondue Mentale on st denis, they do it very well,
          from main to dessert.

        2. re: EatMePls

          Hmm best poutine... My personal favourite is off the island, but here are some good suggestions:

          - Patati Patata, corner St-Laurent and Rachel I believe. It's a really tiny place but packs a good punch. (4177 boul. St-Laurent)
          - La Banquise, on Rachel street next to Parc Lafontaine (994, Rachel Est, Montréal)
          - La Belle Province is a chain restaurant, but I really liked the one on Peel, just below Ste-Catherine's (1444 Ste-Catherine ouest). They won't serve it in any Belle Province, but the bacon sausage and egg breakfasts in this one are cheap and the morning patatoes are great.

          Smoked meat:
          - Schwartz's of course! But be prepared for a little lineup on a beautiful day (3895 St Laurent)
          - Reuben's: There are 2 Reuben's on Ste-Catherine street. I prefer by FAR the one on 888 Ste-Catherine ouest. It looks like nothing, but it's far closer to the original.

          - Fairmount Bagels (74 ave. Fairmount Ouest)
          - St-Viateur Bagels (263 Saint-Viateur Ouest)

          For the ABSOLUTE BEST Gyros in Montréal (IMHO):
          Village Grecque (654 Jean-Talon Ouest) A bit far from downtown... And not really close to any tourist attraction.... but maaaan... GREAT gyros/doners!!

          Other good suggestions for ethnic dining:
          - Avesta : Syrian, Turkish Iranian. The muhammara is great! They make their own flatbread (I think it's called Lavash?) (2077 Ste-Catherine Ouest)
          - If you feel for Chinese, and don't feel for the conventional westernized version. you can try this restaurant in Chinatown. It's in the basement. Doesn't look like much, but maaan is the food good! (sorry, I have neither the name nor the address of the place, just that it's in the corner of Clark and De la Gauchetière. Here's a street view.

          It's the place that says "Centre du Delicieux Fast Food Chinois". Don't think that's the name of the place though!".

          - Also in Chinatown is a place called Sumo Ramen. I find we don't have the best sushi stuff in the world, so if you feel for Japanese, but don't feel for sushi, the cook here makes his own ramen and miso soup. They also have great panko chicken wings. (1007 St-Laurent


          - That being said, my favourite sushi restaurantis Takara. It's simple and mighty good. (1455 Peel, inside Les Cours Montréal, 2nd floor I think.)

          - For the absolute BEST croissants in the city, you MUST try croissants at Le Kouing Amann. (322 Av du Mont Royal Est). I've lived in France for 2 years and croissants are one of the things I miss the most. This comes as close as it can get to what I had back there. Also, their Kouing amann (an actual pastry) and tartelette de chocolat are to die for!

          - Try Pied de cochon if you can, but yes, I, personally, find it pricey. But oh so good! A classic dessert in Québecois culture is Poudding chômeur. If you have space, try this!! (536 Duluth est)

          Ok, it's only 4:30 and I'm getting hungry.... Hope that helps!! ;)

          St-Viateur Bagel
          231 Rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montr, Montreal, QC , CA

          Belle Province
          20 Rue Brunet, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC J3G4S6, CA

          Patati Patata
          4177 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC , CA