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May 11, 2010 09:46 PM

Can anything be done for instant pudding?

I bought a bunch of it when I had surgery and was told I'd need to eat soft foods for a while. Even worse, I think most of it is sugar free.

I hate tossing it...what can I do to make it edible?

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  1. An old trick to getting boxed cake mix to turn out moist was to add a package of pudding mix -- sugar-free or regular, that trick will work. Also can be used as a filling for eclairs.

    If all else fails, donate to the local food pantry.

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    1. re: MikeB3542

      Do NOT use SF for cake doctoring. The sweetener in SF Pudding is not heat stable and it will take on a horrible bitter taste.

    2. Well, it might not be possible to find a way where you could make it edible for your tastes, as there's not much you can do to it to make it better, but I bet there are other people out there that might like it; I'd donate it.

      1. put it in the compost heap and next time buy jello cook 'n serve pudding which is not instant. oecker's pudding mix is too sweet but the jello is as good as the old royal pudding which i can't find anymore.

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        1. re: ruthdeming

          I've heard of adding sour cream or something like that to it. I think the biggest problem with it is the texture. It's too thick or gummy or something. I was trying to think of something to lighten and/or freshen it up.

          But you're all right...I'm probably not ever going to like it. I can always tell, for example, when someone doesn't make the custard for banana pudding homemade and I won't eat it if it's not.

          1. re: ruthdeming

            I'm with you, Ruth. Jello cook 'n serve is pretty good. My-T-Fine chocolate is pretty good too, but IMO Royal is the best! They do still make their chocolate in a cooked type mix, though it's becoming increasingly hard to find. But they've stopped making their wonderful butterscotch flavor, and only make it in the instant version now. Boooo! Hissss! Bad suits!

          2. What flavors do you have? An old trick my European mother and Gma used to do was flavor pudding (they used the cooked, not instant) with a complementary liquor or high quality vanilla extract. Hey, anything tastes good if cognac is added! Don't use more than a couple of teaspoons or you won't have pudding consistency. a touch of rum, cassis, Kahlua, etc. can work wonders as well.

            1. Make it as per directions, then stir in some yoghurt, mascarpone, or creme fraiche and add sweetener to taste. If the artificial sweetener is detectable and bothers you, add just a little sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup, or honey, which will cover up the aftertaste. Depending on the flavor of the pudding, stir in liqueur, fruit and/or nuts. By the way, maple mocha is an unexpectedly good flavor for pudding. If you have chocolate pudding mix, doctor it up with brewed coffee and maple syrup as part of the liquid, or stir instant coffee into the liquid.