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Can anything be done for instant pudding?

Bliss149 May 11, 2010 09:46 PM

I bought a bunch of it when I had surgery and was told I'd need to eat soft foods for a while. Even worse, I think most of it is sugar free.

I hate tossing it...what can I do to make it edible?

  1. MikeB3542 May 11, 2010 10:26 PM

    An old trick to getting boxed cake mix to turn out moist was to add a package of pudding mix -- sugar-free or regular, that trick will work. Also can be used as a filling for eclairs.

    If all else fails, donate to the local food pantry.

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    1. re: MikeB3542
      Jennalynn May 12, 2010 05:37 PM

      Do NOT use SF for cake doctoring. The sweetener in SF Pudding is not heat stable and it will take on a horrible bitter taste.

    2. bushwickgirl May 11, 2010 11:17 PM

      Well, it might not be possible to find a way where you could make it edible for your tastes, as there's not much you can do to it to make it better, but I bet there are other people out there that might like it; I'd donate it.

      1. r
        ruthdeming May 12, 2010 12:01 AM

        put it in the compost heap and next time buy jello cook 'n serve pudding which is not instant. oecker's pudding mix is too sweet but the jello is as good as the old royal pudding which i can't find anymore.

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        1. re: ruthdeming
          Bliss149 May 12, 2010 12:33 AM

          I've heard of adding sour cream or something like that to it. I think the biggest problem with it is the texture. It's too thick or gummy or something. I was trying to think of something to lighten and/or freshen it up.

          But you're all right...I'm probably not ever going to like it. I can always tell, for example, when someone doesn't make the custard for banana pudding homemade and I won't eat it if it's not.

          1. re: ruthdeming
            eclecticsynergy Oct 26, 2010 09:58 PM

            I'm with you, Ruth. Jello cook 'n serve is pretty good. My-T-Fine chocolate is pretty good too, but IMO Royal is the best! They do still make their chocolate in a cooked type mix, though it's becoming increasingly hard to find. But they've stopped making their wonderful butterscotch flavor, and only make it in the instant version now. Boooo! Hissss! Bad suits!

          2. d
            Diane in Bexley May 12, 2010 11:11 AM

            What flavors do you have? An old trick my European mother and Gma used to do was flavor pudding (they used the cooked, not instant) with a complementary liquor or high quality vanilla extract. Hey, anything tastes good if cognac is added! Don't use more than a couple of teaspoons or you won't have pudding consistency. a touch of rum, cassis, Kahlua, etc. can work wonders as well.

            1. greygarious May 12, 2010 12:15 PM

              Make it as per directions, then stir in some yoghurt, mascarpone, or creme fraiche and add sweetener to taste. If the artificial sweetener is detectable and bothers you, add just a little sugar, agave syrup, maple syrup, or honey, which will cover up the aftertaste. Depending on the flavor of the pudding, stir in liqueur, fruit and/or nuts. By the way, maple mocha is an unexpectedly good flavor for pudding. If you have chocolate pudding mix, doctor it up with brewed coffee and maple syrup as part of the liquid, or stir instant coffee into the liquid.

              1. s
                superfinespot May 12, 2010 03:29 PM

                the "magic" ingredient in those ultra soft chocolate chip cookies is instant pudding (google for recipe)

                or throw it into a chocolate cake. you'll find threads on the topic on this board.

                1. boyzoma May 12, 2010 03:37 PM

                  I feel for you Bliss - I too had surgery last year and was told the same thing. 6 weeks of soft foods. I also ended up with a lot of left over jello and pudding. Donated some, used some for pies and the grandsons loved it as snacks. Good luck!

                  1. rworange May 12, 2010 05:17 PM

                    Well, the best idea I read ... instant pudding shooters ... with enough booze anything can be edible

                    2 boxes instant chocolate pudding
                    1 box instant vanilla pudding
                    almost all of a box of instant butterscotch pudding
                    375 ml (12.7 oz) Kaluha (chilled
                    )375 ml (12.7 oz) Bailey's (chilled)
                    12 oz. vodka (chilled)
                    2 cups milk (very cold)

                    Flavor variations
                    Banana pudding with captain morgans
                    Vanilla with coconut liqour.
                    pistatio with mint
                    Chocolate with creme de menth

                    vanilla + Rootbeer schnapps (=/- bailey's) = rootbeer float
                    vanilla + tequila rose = strawberry
                    chocolate + Khalua = cafe mocha
                    banana + coconut rum + blue maui = tropical flavor
                    vanilla + triple sec + orange vodka = orange creamsicle

                    There's lots more in that link ... some use Cool Whip, but some don't and once you have it down you should be able to make them without CW

                    This sounds like an interesting idea
                    Chocolate Cottage Pudding

                    Since you might toss it, why not experiment. Maybe you can mix some into plain yogurt. I'd ad a little at a time until the flavor was what you wanted.

                    Some chowhound ideas for instant pudding frosting

                    Lots of ideas in these links

                    The Baacardi rum cakes are classics. Rice pudding or bread pudding might be good. You could give the ice cream a try.

                    Good looking chocolate chip cookie recipe herer

                    I read that sugar-free can be used for regular but you might cut back on milk in some recipes

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                    1. re: rworange
                      bushwickgirl May 12, 2010 06:55 PM

                      Those shooters are the best idea for instant pudding I've ever seen.

                      1. re: rworange
                        Emme May 12, 2010 07:51 PM

                        This was going to be my first suggestion as well! Here are a few more ideas...

                        Raspberry Cheesecake Pudding Shots
                        4 oz. pkg Cheesecake flavor instant pudding mix
                        1 cup cold milk
                        3 oz. Raspberry Pucker or another berry schnapps
                        3 oz. Vanilla schnapps or vanilla flavored vodka
                        1 cup thawed Cool Whip, divided
                        Graham crackers, crushed (optional)

                        Add cold milk to pudding and mix with an electric mixer or whisk until smooth. Divide mixture in half, into two separate bowls. Add raspberry schnapps to one half of the pudding and vanilla schnapps to the other. Fold ½ cup Cool Whip into each mixture until thoroughly blended. Fill cups half full of the vanilla cheesecake mixture, and top with the raspberry cheesecake mixture. Sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs. Chill.

                        Mudslide Pudding Shots
                        4 oz. pkg Chocolate flavor instant pudding mix
                        3/4-1 cup cold milk
                        3 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur
                        3 oz. Kahlua
                        1 cup thawed Cool Whip

                        Combine cold milk to pudding and mix with an electric mixer or whisk until smooth. Blend in the liquors. Fold in the Cool Whip until thoroughly blended. Fill cups and chill.

                        Slippery Nipple Pudding Shots
                        4 oz. pkg Butterscotch flavor instant pudding mix
                        3/4 cup cold milk
                        3 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur
                        3 oz. Butterscotch schnapps
                        1 cup thawed Cool Whip

                        Combine cold milk to pudding and mix with an electric mixer or whisk until smooth. Blend in the liquors. Fold in the Cool Whip until thoroughly blended. Fill cups and chill.

                        Pina Colada

                        Vanilla or Cheesecake Pudding
                        Coconut Milk
                        Malibu Rum
                        Whipped Topping
                        Pineapple Jello or Fold some Pineapple Juice into whipped topping

                        Mix pudding with coconut milk and rum. Fold in whipped topping. Layer with pineapple jello or pineapple cream. Sprinkle with toasted coconut and garnish with a pineapple slice.



                        Vanilla Pudding Mix
                        Almond Liquor
                        Half and Half
                        Puff Pastry
                        Powdered Sugar

                        Mix first three ingredients and chill. Cut puff pastry into desired shapes, then bake til golden and separate into two layers. Layer with pudding mixture, top with another puff pastry sheet. Drizzle with a powdered sugar thinned with water glaze, and drizzle with melted chocolate. Very malleable to add other flavors... Can sprinkle with sliced toasted almonds or even layer in some apricot preserves.

                      2. eclecticsynergy Oct 26, 2010 09:40 PM

                        Some very nice suggestions for otherwise inedible instant pudding mixes on this thread. But I'll add my voice to others- discard or donate the sugar-free ones.

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