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May 11, 2010 09:33 PM

Affordable tasting menu in Baltimore? or possibly DC?

Looking for a place to take my boyfriend for a special birthday dinner in Baltimore.

I've been searching for restaurants, and looking over menus, and nothing is jumping out at me.

We recently had an unforgettable meal at a restaurant in Pittsburgh (Toast! Wine Bar) where we opted for the tasting menu with wine pairing. We loved being surprised by all the delicious and unique dishes served to us, getting to try so many things instead of choosing one entree, and the wine pairings really accentuated everything. Everything was absolutely perfect, and I think the total bill was around $200.

I'm wondering if there are any good restaurants in Baltimore that do something similar. I was thinking of taking him out in DC, but while there are a few restaurants offering tasting menus, they tend to be higher-end than I can afford (probably ~$400 for two with drinks/apps and dessert). I adore my boyfriend, and I'd love to treat him to a dinner so extravagant someday, but right now I'm in graduate school and it's just not reasonable.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Obelisk on P street in D. C. feels exactly like you have walked into a small townhouse dining room in, say, Verona. The chef has been nominated for a James Beard award several times (along with Cindy Wolf) and the restaurant is the Post's highest rated Italian in the area (three stars). The prix fixe is $85 which includes a total of 9 tastes and courses. Wine is fairly priced. With a modest bottle to share ($35-40), tax and tip you are looking at $260-275 total. Unfortunately, it is extremely popular and for a Friday or Saturday you MUST reserve several weeks in advance. This is a unique, personal restaurant that would be perfect for a private celebration. It is "worth the trip."

      If you can do $350-400 you should be trying to get into Komi.

      1. The 14-course Latina Dim Sum Sunday Brunch at Cafe Atlantico (in DC) is only $35.

        Cafe Atlantico
        405 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

        1. Charleston does now offer their tasting menu at lunch time with a wine pairing for under $100...not cheap, but a pretty nice discount from their dinner prices!

          1. There is a chef's table tasting menu at Dogwood for $105 that includes a wine pairing. Also, there's a $40 gift certifi9cat for $20 on Groupon today.