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May 11, 2010 09:08 PM

Delray Beach recommendations from

My in-laws gave us a gift to use when we're in Delray beach next week. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We are a two adults looking for good food - ethnic is welcome. Honestly, I'll eat anything/anywhere if the food is well prepared.

Any questions welcome, and thank you for your help!

~ Kaytamar

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  1. i have a great resturant for you but its maybe 25 mins from where you are
    the resturant is called Houstons east atlantic blvd off of of 95 just before
    the beach great for relaxing an dinning an upscale spot for a minimum price.

    1. Searching Restaurant.Com for Delray Beach, the one that jumped out was GOL which is right in the heart of town. I've not been there and I don't think there's been much comment on this board but you can try searching in search box above

      "GOL! THE TASTE OF BRAZIL, one of the most celebrated Brazilian steakhouses in South Florida, has truly raised the bar with its top notch rodizio. GOL offers fifteen different cuts of meat, grilled shrimp and salmon brought to your table on skewers and carved by traditionally-dressed ga├║cho waiters."

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        I have been to Gol! a number of times, from when it first opened to about 6 months ago.

        It's a tastefully decorated restaurant, quite dark and tables are well spaced. The server explains the system with the red and green chip that you turn if you want meat and vice versa. Then they tell you to go to the salad bar which is really more of a buffet, hot and cold salads, soups, rice, beans, mash and plantains. You can visit the buffet as often as you want. Then they start coming round with meat - chicken, lamb, beef, shrimp some cooked different ways. The food is excellent but they are careful to let you fill up on the buffet and the meats are small chunks.

        It's expensive at $40 a head ex drinks, tax and tips, but you will be stuffed! Salad bar variety not quite as good as it used to be but nonetheless still very good.

      2. I checked on and I would highly suggest Dolce Amore Cafe off of Atlantic in Pineapple Grove on 2nd Avenue. Great food, nice portions and excellent service! Nice area that is not as congested as Atlantic and I don't think they have $15.00 burgers like The Office!!

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          good suggestion, it's very nice there.

        2. Caffe Luna Rosa on the beach just south of Atlantic offers good Italian; their seafoods are quite good - and the beach view is nice. Dolce Amore Cafe as mentioned also is nice. The new Taste Gastropub is good for tapas-type dining - young, live vibe. Charcuterie at the bar is a winner, and a cute garden setting or sidewalk tables available. Old Calypso House is good for Sunday brunch; it's waterside just off Atlantic. Serious bloody Marys here and a Creole-leaning menu. La Cigale is on 5th Avenue, just south of Atlantic. Mediterranean menu, a bit of a romantic setting.

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          1. re: Jan Norris

            Very nice to see a local expert on here, welcome Jan.

            However... most of the places you recod are NOT on as the poster requested.


          2. This may arrive too late but...

            Of the choices provided by gift certificates, I can recommend 3, all in Palm Beach/South Palm Beach area. Each is expensive, none very ethnic, but all feature great tasting food and a wonderful dining experience, at least until the check comes.

            Michele Bernsteins would top my list. Located in an upscale hotel (Omphoy) on a beach about 10 miles north of Delray, MB serves Mediterannean/American food in a swanky showy spot overlooking the beach. The food is spectacular on all levels - the presentation, taste, texture - really special. I had the fried chicken, which proved to be a huge portion, and it was wonderful. There was a cole slaw of jicama(?),and both tabasco and honey were offered as condiments (terrific). This is some of the crispiest, tastiest fried chicken I have ever eaten. I later tried the fried bronzini. I am making it sound like a fried food place - it's not. All of their fish dishes are excellent, and they are renowned for their short ribs.

            Renato's sits back in a courtyard off Worth Ave. that drips with charm and oozes romance. They offer elegant outdoor dining in this quaint quiet refuge. I had the fresh pappardelle with a veal and wild mushroom ragu, truffle oil and shaved parmigiano, which was loaded with chunks of succulent veal, cooked in an earthy mushroom sauce, along with the best pappardelle I have ever tasted. It was wonderful, I mean REALLY good. Classic Italian, classy place.

            Bice is also Italian, and a more traditional PB scene, with lots of graying fathers having dinner with their beautiful daughters (those are their daughters, right?). The bar scene can get raucous, and when full the place can be really loud but the food is excellent and it is a wonderful experience.

            For the best ethnic food experience, try Bamboo Fire in downtown Delray.