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May 11, 2010 07:53 PM

kennebunkport - wedding dessert

we're getting married in maine, and would love to do something a little different and fun in lieu of a traditional wedding cake, like a dessert bar. has anyone seeen anything liek this in the area? I can only seem to find bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes. thanks!

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  1. Give the Port Bake Shop a call. Any place that bakes their own english muffins for the Eggs Benedict is a place that aims to PLEASE! I'm sure they will be able to work with you.

    1. I have always wondered what happened to the gifted people from ChaseHill Bakery. They made the most fabulous pies! I mean really really fabulous. I think lots of pies and chocolate covered pineapple, bananas, strawberries, blackberries might be fun.

      1. You could give Cherie at Bel Cibo del Cherie in Kennebunk a call. She does marvelous desserts.

        1. Cranberry Island Kitchen is the perfect place for a non-traditional wedding dessert! They do beautiful tiers of whoopie pies shaped like mussels and scallops in a variety of delicious favors. Definitely the place to go especially for a Kennebunkport wedding! Their website is