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May 11, 2010 07:11 PM

Bad News and Good News in Plano

Newflower Farmer's Market (Preston & Parker) is closing its doors for good. RATS! I LOVEd that place! Their target "final day" is the 9th. Meanwhile, the good news is that everything you buy is 30% off. My great personal loss is that it has been one of the extremely few places in town where I could buy beef and know it would not bite me due to my allergies to growth hormone and antibiotics. And they were my source for buffalo. I stopped by today and stocked up on ducks, tenderloin (tournedos size!), and other good things. I chatted with the manager and he said they are looking for another location in the area for the future. Here's hoping! I have preferred them to Whole Foods or Central Market, and their prices have certainly been better. Oh, and they had a nice selection of fresh produce. Your chance for some great bargains.

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  1. Wow that's really sad to hear. I have been going there twice a week for over a year. They have the most beautiful produce and their prices can't be beat.

    1. Yep just a really bad location for them. With basically 6 markets within a mile or so.