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May 11, 2010 06:51 PM

Sunday Buffet Brunch...where?

I am looking for a mid priced Sunday buffet brunch, as I will have my mother with me and she'll faint at the price tags at the Boulders and what assume the Biltmore chargers by now. Any idea of what's good and what folks are charging now for these bufet dealies? We just don't have this in Seattle and this is likely my last trip to Arizona, ever.

Let me know if anyone has some good ideas?

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  1. One possibility is T Cook's at the Royal Palms. It will be about $30 per person or so.

    It is not nearly as lavish a spread, but you can do a la carte items and add the buffet which is nice - just not huge. It is a nice setting and might be a good compromise.

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      I agree T Cooks T Cooks T Cooks

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        T. Cooks was FABULOUS!!! Great pick. Small, but perfect. Scratch baked muffins, Alaska King Crab, it was all fabulous. And the ala carte dishes just wonderful. Truly a bargain.

    2. Not sure what part of town...and I haven't been to either, but I've heard good things about both Verona Chophouse and Wandering Horse Buffet.

      1. Well, the Wrigley Mansion serves a traditional champagne brunch for $45—not sure if that tag is mid-priced. If memory serves, the spread is pretty lavish and the champagne flows freely. Also, the old manse itself is beautiful, as are the views.

        Wrigley Mansion Club
        2501 E Telewa Trl, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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          IMHO wrigley's is sooo not good! sorry.