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May 11, 2010 05:28 PM

New Soup Place in Tampa - Ybor City

Chowhounds -

Disclaimer, only tried samples today, as I was returning to my car from another delicious lunch at Shrimp and Co. (love that place).

There's now a new soup place at the old nightclub (Fuel?) on 7th Avenue. Called The Stone Soup Company. Open Mon-Sat and have 5-6 regular soups plus daily specials. I sampled the Thai Curry (delicious!) and the lobster bisque (also delicious, but special for the day). They also have 4-cheese broccoli, Jewish Matzah ball, chili, and a couple of others that they make every day, plus others that rotate. I was diggin' it. The owner told me that what they don't sell, on Fridays, they send to local food kitchens.

They also have paninis and "salads in the glass" (ala McDonalds). I was loving it and going back tomorrow. Address is 1910 E. 7th Avenue and web address is (though it doesn't look fully functional right now).

But, as a "soup guy" myself, I'm liking the concept right now ...

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  1. I saw it the other day. I'm not a huge soup guy. As far as i'm concerned soup (or at least hot soup) is a tough sell in the summer in FL.

    Tell me more about Shrimp and Co.! :)

    1. i'm a soup fanatic, and if Spanish Bean Soup and Caldo Gallego lasted this long in Florida, I think it could work. The big question is if they keep their salt content under control--- most commercial soup is downright briny.

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        Andy- agreed. I saw this place a week or so ago when I went to Jalapenos de Ybor, been wanting to try it. On the list!

        1. re: andy huse

          i wanted to like this place, but i agree with Brian Ries's recent review: meh. i tried four soups at $6 a bowl. the bisque was almost broken, with the dairy about to separate from the soup, and the flavor was thin. tough bits of overcooked lobster and lots of shell. the rice in the gumbo was cooked into mush and wasn't very flavorful. the beef in the chili had been shredded and cooked down to mush as well, tho the flavor was decent. The borscht was light and clean and pleasant enough.

          1. re: andy huse

            IMO if you are going to call it bisque you pretty much need to make it to order or serve the batch quickly.

            1. re: rhnault

              and lobster was not built for big batches and lots of heat.

        2. Thanks for the heads up, I love soup! We will def. give this place a try, although I do think opening up just as summer is fixing to strike seems... brave.

          1. Sorry to sound pessimistic (ok, I am being pessimistic), but how do you pay Ybor City rent for a restaurant that sells soup? And in the summer?

            Excited to try Shrimp and Co. though. Will make my way down there VERY soon.


            1. The original comment has been removed