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May 11, 2010 04:12 PM

Healthy prepackaged meal joints springing up... any comments?

Saw in the forklore blog at that a place called My Fit Foods is opening up near me on North Lamar Blvd. A week or so ago, I saw another place open up just like this. A google search also turned up Tasty Healthy Meals. The My Fit Foods, and the other place who's name I cannot recall had similar modus operandi: You consult with a "nutrition expert" and formulate a plan of foods to eat. And you buy their food.

The menu I looked over had lots of turkey and quinoa, whole wheat. The latest foods understood to be healthy...

Both places preached a 21 day plan, commenting that it takes 21 days to form a habit. They offer "healthy" eating options and weight loss options. The food choices look interesting and certainly 7 or 8 steps above Nutrisystem for dieters and wanna be dieters (like myself).

Given how much I spend on fast food and groceries, the prices are only slightly more than I'm spending right now.

Does anyone on the board have any prior experience with these services? Any comments would be appreciated.

Edited to add a link to My Fit Foods:

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  1. i do not have any personal experience but wanted to chime in with two observations:
    1. a lot of the daily deal sites (groupon, livingsocial, etc.) have had these places as a deal once or twice
    2. i just read a NYT article about this trend in general, so it's definitely popular nationwide--

    1. I went to a place like this last week. I can't remember the name but it's on W. 6th where Sparks used to be (near Amy's and Waterloo Records).

      They had breakfast, lunch and dinner options. I was told they were all created by a nutritionist. When I asked for the ingredients of a few items I was told they could call the nutritionist and find out. I thought that was kind of lame. Seems like they could keep a binder with all the items and their ingredients along with all nutritional info.

      I paid about $6.50 for a small package of spaghetti squash with marinera sauce. I didn't have them call the nutritionist but I probably should've. When I opened it I realized that it had black beans in it. I'm not a huge bean fan. I did eat it and it was bland, but good enough. $6.50 is about what i pay for my lunch at Whole Foods.

      I wasn't very impressed and I doubt I'll go by again.

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        Yes Snap Kitchen is where I went. Here is a blurb from the Austin Chronicle:

        Former HousĀ­ton restaurateur Martin Berson is bringing a new food concept to the Austin market with two Snap Kitchen outlets (4616 Triangle #200, 459-9000; 1014 W. Sixth, 479-5959, The stores offer freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced foods, packed in single-serving portions. The dishes are developed by dietician Andrea Hinsdale and prepared by chef Ethan Holmes, with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert, plus freshly tossed salads, fresh juices, and healthy elixirs. Through a consultation with the dietician, menu plans can be developed for customers dealing with weight loss, diabetes, celiac disease, food allergies, and specific athletic training...

      2. I tried to try snap kitchen the other day, only to realize that their online menu was not actually accurate. They only have a few things ready each day, and the only way to find out what they have is to call. Since I did not want beet salad on the day I called, I made other take-out plans for the evening.
        Maybe this will work for you if you plan ahead and call the day before you'll need something. But for me, I order take-out at 5pm when I realize I still have work to do before I can leave the office and there aren't any leftovers in my fridge at home.

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        1. re: rusty_s

          Snap Kitchen is the other place whose name I couldn't recall. Thanks for your input.

        2. I really love Snap Kitchen. Of all the healthy take-away places, they seem to have the most varied options and real vegetables, not just brown rice and lean proteins. My favorite dish is the curry dusted cauliflower and french lentils. It fills me up and tastes amazing all for about 200 calories.

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          1. re: allyson

            In comparing Snap Kitchen with My Fit Foods, I definitely noticed that Snap had more interesting food choices. More variety. I think I'm gonna buy some food from both places this weekend and do a test.

          2. I got a few meals at my fit foods recently. I'm sure they were very healthy but they seemed pretty devoid of flavor... certainly not something I'd enjoy eating