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May 11, 2010 03:49 PM

Looking for pappadams in Phoenix

Want to find some pappadams for a yogurt and cuke dip that I want to make. Am striking out and am too intimidated to make them. Anyone get / find some recently?

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  1. Have you tried calling Zam Zam World Market? It's moderately-sized Indian/Pakistani market on 40th St / McDowell.

    1. I always had bad luck trying to purchase them from stores -- they seemed too thin or something. Perhaps you could call an Indian restaurant in your neighborhood and ask if they can sell you however many you need? My parents do that with naan when they want to make a specific appetizer and the restaurants have always been quite accommodating...

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        I agree. I've never liked the ones from stores either. I really like the ones at Star of India in Ahwatukee. I don't know if that's convenient for your JerryMe but, if so, you might want to give them a call and see if you can get some form them.

        Star of India
        4025 E Chandler Blvd # 14, Phoenix, AZ

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          I think you can get them at Flavors of India, but, I've never been there.

          Flavors of India
          4523 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016

        2. AJ's sell Sharwoods Pappadom's in the cracker area.

          There are two ways to prep them. The best way is to shallow fry mixed with deep fry. You need about half an inch of hot oil and kinda good skills with tongs to hold it and some form of spatula to keep it flat as it fries.

          Second option is microwave it. Works quite well, surprisingly. It says either brush with oil or do dry and both work but I'm thinking a spray with a Pam type can would work great. I prefer the dangerous oil method myself though!

          1. Thanks for the updates CHers! I did not think about restaurants but that's a good idea. Ahwatukee is not convenient, Ziggy but at least I know that's an option.

            Great info!

            1. Lee Lee Oriental Market also sells them. I have seen them in the bread aisle.