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May 11, 2010 03:12 PM

99 Ranch deals ....... Lobster $6.99

Was in the Richmond 99 Ranch for a few minutes - noticed they had the premium LKK Oyster Sause for $3.99 - pretty good deal for that I think. And in the seafood department they had Maine Lobster for $6.99 a pound - looked like 1.5 - 2.5 pounders for the most part , I think. Crab is $5.99 a pound just for comparison.

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  1. My last visit, last week, the lobsters at Richmond were not the usual rapidly moving kind.

    1. Got 4 for Mom's day, came to just over 6 pounds. Solid and meaty.

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        We got two on Saturday and grilled them on Mother's day. They were great. I think the total was about $30.

        They were still moving around fine on Sunday afternoon after a night in the fridge.