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May 11, 2010 02:30 PM

Shockingly dissapointed with Sushi Marche

SM used to be my go to take out spot for sushi and I've never been disappointed til last week.
The uni was rank (could smell it before it got anywhere near my mouth), the rolls fell apart as I picked it up and the sashimi just wasn't their usual fresh beautiful self. Ended up throwing quite a bit away.

One off chance or has the owner changed?

Sushi Marche
1105 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1K7, CA

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  1. Oh my, that's not good. Lately, I have been ordering the vegetarian rolls and sushi combo, so haven't had fish. Haven't had any problem with things falling apart, and the rolls were tasty and fresh.

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    1. re: Full tummy

      Maybe (i hope) it was just an off night. They're usually so damn good!

      1. re: hotsauce28

        i've also experienced a decrease in quality over the past couple of months. most importantly, the fish has not been as fresh as usual. have also found the portions to be not as generous as before. for a $50 order, if you want more than one soup OR salad, there is now a charge of $3 (apparently there was a limited time offer special on complimentary soup and salad which i had gotten used to). i am hoping that this is just a blip and that quality and service both soon return to their previous levels. i used to be a once a week orderer and am now down to ordering very occasionally.

        1. re: amermaid

          The problem is that John and his wife aren't there a lot of the time these days and there are these power-trippers who try to pull that "choose soup or salad" crap - I always tell them forget it, I want both.

          I've had some very good meals from there recently, but I have had a few blips too. My ordering has decreased a tad, gotta be said, and I'm a fan of the place.

      2. re: Full tummy

        I used to go there on a weekly basis when I lived on the Danforth, as there weren't a lot of good take out options in the area. Sadly, the last couple of times I ordered sushi, the fish had obviously been frozen at some point as it had a mushy texture to it. I'm not sure of the status of the restaurant lately as I now go to Mikado for my sushi.

      3. Oh dear, I was hoping it was just me.

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        1. re: Jane.T

          I never understood the fuss about this place. I tried it several times, for takeout, and was dissapointed by the huge ratio of rice to fish. Once home, I always had to disasemble it - get rid of most of the rice. And the rice didn't even taste the way authentic sushi rice should. there was none of the warmth and sweet vinegar action.
          Loblaws has a Bento Box product that is the same quality. Sorry....

        2. This is most unfortunate news. I very much liked the place, but I haven't had an order since mid-winter so have not experienced any change.

          When they were 'on' they were very good. Certainly better than KitchenVoodoo makes them out to have been.

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          1. re: Atahualpa

            Yes, and my recent experience with vegetarian sushi has no resemblance to KV's description either. In my experience Sushi Marché is nothing like what you can get at Loblaws. And never has been. I have never had any problem with too much rice, or rice that lacked flavour. Can't speak about change in quality & quantity of fish because I haven't ordered fish for a long time...

            1. re: Full tummy

              I have ordered in the $100 range for 2-3 people some dozen or so time since they opened. Always with a full array of sushi/sashimi/maki. I would say the quality/seasoning of the rice and forming of it has been among the better of Toronto's establishments (almost as good as my experiences at Mikado, less good than Zen or Kaji (obviously)).

              I have in those 12 or so orders had one piece of poor/off uni and one poor tako sashimi. Otherwise, I have been happy. I wish their unagi was better and their tamago is kind of lacking too. I also feel their inari is over stuffed. However, all told, I would be happy to patronize them again based upon my previous experiences.

              I do agree with the comments about reductions in quantity. It isn't so much that I am getting less in my order exactly, but when they first opened, I could count on at least 2 or 3 items free of charge and a free fruit plate or extra salad as well.

          2. I agree that the quality has decreased significantly. I picked some up tonight after not ordering for a while.

            First, quantity wise - the amount of food in my "regular" of the vegetarian dinner and an order of inari was about 30 to 40% less than what it has been in the past. Someone mentioned the inari being overstuffed, but mine tonight were very understuffed. And it was sloppily made and the vegetables tasted like they'd been sitting around for a long time. They were not fresh.

            Hopefully things will get better. I'd hate to see them end up serving the equivalent of mall sushi.

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            1. re: TOveggie

              This is horrible news. I have ordered special omakase from them a couple times in the past and they always turned out well. But after these reviews I am not sure if I want to take the risk...

            2. The original comment has been removed