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May 11, 2010 02:27 PM

Cafe Lift

Anyone been?

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  1. Great brunch place. The cannoli french toast is delicious! Fritatas are always good too!

    1. yes, it is very good. in a random location unless you live near there, but i've never had a bad dish there (usually get something with eggs, delicious fritattas). the owners have a cool bar down the street too, prohibition taproom...

      1. I haven't been to Cafe Lift, but have heard good things about it. I have been to their bar mentioned, Prohibition Taproom, and the food was excellent. 8 of us ate dinner there and everyone was very happy with the meals and service.

        1. I'd like to add another thumbs up for Cafe Lift. The range of brunch entrees definitely trends toward sweet and there's a chalkboard with specials. I normally can't handle sweet for breakfast, but was extremely tempted by the offerings. I really enjoyed the huevos rancheros which came with house made salsa and a side of potatoes. I'm a vegetarian so they gladly put the included chorizo in a small bowl on the side (it was quickly snarfed by my SO and I'm told it was tasty). Portions are seriously huge...went there with some running buddies after an 18 mile run and we weren't able to finish our meals. Cash only.

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            I almost hate to add another endorsement, because this is one of the few brunch places that is very good AND you don't have to wait an hour to be seated. In fact, I've never had to wait at all. It's probably that slightly out of the way location someone mentioned. I thought the food was very good and I like the space and atmosphere. There are actually very few brunch places in Philly I'm enthusiastic about anymore, and this is one of them.

          2. Live across the street, place looks great, is great, and staff a delight as well.