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May 11, 2010 01:23 PM

Tampa - Thai Island on Davis Island - it sucks

I felt compelled to let you (my foodie brethren) know to skip this place when on Davis Island, went today for lunch and it was pretty mediocre.

Service- some non-asian guy that didn't seem to want to be there, no real experience with Thai food or culture from what I gathered too.

Went with a buddy, we had the spring rolls app, won ton soup, Panang Curry, and papaya curry chicken salad lunch special (It's at the bottom of the menu, I forget exactly what it's called but no worries, it was lame too).

Spring rolls- tasted like they got them from sams club, absolutely nothing special, and the accompanying (duck) sauce was more than likely squeezed out of a few "to-go" packets and into the little dish. No spice, no pop, no thank you.

Won Ton Soup - one would think a soup with so few ingredients would be difficult to botch, but they managed to. The won-ton meat tasted terrible and had clearly been sitting in the broth for far too long. The broth tasted like slightly salty water and nothing else, very bland and boring.

Panang Curry - Not bad, but everywhere else I've had it in Tampa has been as good or better. Ordered it Thai Hot and got it mild as could be

Papaya Chicken Salad - Not terrible, but nothing special about it and no desire to ever eat it again. The accompanying chicken looks like all they did was sprinkle curry powder on it and bake it until it was no longer tender. the "special" sauce was the same duck sauce from the sams club egg rolls.

Blah. I'd go to Golden Orchid or Thai Thani any day before this place.

I nearly forgot to mention that the music managed to be even more mediocre than the food! Someone was shopping the 99 cent rack at wal-mart and picked out a cd of some woman singing bad covers of already bad songs. Very disconcerting.

Thai Island gets a whopping C- from me.

Thai Thani Restaurant
615 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602

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  1. When we went about a year ago, our server was Asian and very sweet, but in every other respect our experience was the same. We were dragged by friends who used to live on the island and had fond memories of eating there; we don't plan to go back. Golden Orchid is head and shoulders better!
    (Btw, Rick's Italian Cafe is to be avoided, too...)

    Rick's Italian Cafe
    214 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606

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    1. re: Miss E

      220 East also disappointed last time I was there. What are the good places on Davis Island? Estelas? I haven't eaten there yet but people speak highly of it. Eaten at Chez Bryce a few times and it was pretty solid, Pink Flamingo once and it was good too. Are all the restaurants on Davis Island on that little strip there?

      Chez Bryce
      238 E Davis Blvd Ste 102, Tampa, FL 33606

      1. re: askdrtodd

        people tend to drink more on DI than eat, or walk their dogs. Estela's is passable, but there is much better mexican available for cheaper. My girlfriend used to love their shrimp soup. we went back recently and it tasted bland. for $11 no less.

    2. I was there in October and had a great dinner served by an asian waitress. They believed me when I said Thai hot and the panag curry was spot on. Cheap too.

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      1. re: Lauracooks

        huh. I considered I may have caught them on an off day, but it was pretty miserable and there was only one other party there so it's not as though they were stressing from being too busy...

        1. re: askdrtodd

          maybe another victim of the economy? will run over and give them a shot one day. I always judge by Tom Yum Gai. I'll grab a takeout order.

          1. re: Lauracooks

            no way you totally have to try the crappy won ton soup too :)

      2. "Service- some non-asian guy...."

        I feel for you. I went to Applebee's last week and got an Asian waiter. I told him to go back and get me an American guy, cuz there's now way he knows anything about onion rings and burgers with American cheese....

        (ok, end the sarcasm, but I had to comment on the fact that two posters mentioned a non-Asian server ;-)


        p.s. good review though; thank you for the warning

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        1. re: UptownKevin

          I suppose that was a somewhat ancillary detail I mentioned, but going into an asian restaurant and seeing only some American guy wearing a fishing shirt that didn't appear to have any interest in the food, or in serving said food to us was a bit disheartening.

          The onion rings rip made me laugh though :) just one question- what the hell are you doing going to applebees? ;)