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May 11, 2010 01:21 PM

How to Eat Vegetarian in Columbia, South Carolina

Take it from someone who's spent the past two years trying to scrape a decent vegetarian meal out of this barbecue and steak kinda town - it may take some work, but you do have options. Here's where I make it easy for you:


(If you've searched for restaurants in Columbia, you've probably come across the following: Mr. Friendly's, Motor Supply Company, Garibaldi's, Terra, Dianne's on Divine, etc. Don't bother. Some have one veg. entree; some have none. It's not worth gearing up for a good meal, only to be disappointed.)

Hunter Gatherer: To my knowledge, the only brewpub in Columbia - has a menu really well-balanced between veg. and meat options (and their pork comes from Caw Caw Creek), a great atmosphere, great beer.

Blue Cactus: Nestled in a corner in Five Points, has probably the most extensive veg. menu in Columbia, mostly Korean influenced. The service is slow, but this is a family-run place - you can see them back there cooking out of a crock-pot - what do you expect?

El Burrito: Awesome, awesome, fresh simple taco-stand-esq. joint in Five Points. They offer tacos and burritos, and that's about it. Beans and rice and all are made without meat products. Fantastic back patio with live bluegrass on Thursday nights in the summer.

Cafe Strudel: If you want brunch, look no further. Delicious "Hangover Hashbrowns" and great atmosphere.

Delhi Palace: The Broad River Rd/Bush River Rd area of Columbia sports a number of Indian restaurants (including the most awesome Indian Grocery on Bush River Rd.), but the best is Delhi Palace, recently relocated to St. Andrew's Road. They have a fantastic lunch buffet. (But, to be fair, Punjabi Dhaba, on Bush River Rd., has an equally bangin' Sunday buffet. Just sayin'.)


Here's a good hierarchy: Pinckney's Produce CSA (in the summer), Rosewood Market, Peaceful Villa (in West Columbia), All-Local Farmer's Market, Bi-Lo, Publix, Earth Fare, Fresh Market.

A couple good CSAs have sprung up recently - Pinckney's Produce isn't located in Columbia but near enough that I think it counts, and the produce is DIVINE.

Rosewood Market is a really wonderful food store with generally nice produce, locally sourced eggs, meat, and dairy, and a great little lunch counter.

Peaceful Villa is a new storefront run by family farmers - their produce is lovely and completely chemical-free.

The All-Local Farmer's Market is far preferable to the State Farmer's Market (which is weird and, I think, currently in transition to its new location) - it's small, but I generally buy fabulous eggs from Wilmore Farms and good bread from Heather's Artisan Bakery. Each week usually holds a surprise (fresh spinach pasta one Saturday, strawberry donuts another).

Surprisingly, Bi-Lo has been sourcing some nice produce these days, and it's often local.

Publix's produce is a last-resort, since I often find myself buying peppers from Holland when I shop there.

I stay far away from overpriced Earth Fare and/or Fresh Market, but it can come through in a pinch. (Although Earth Fare didn't have dried chili peppers the last time I went... for real? What self-respecting health food store doesn't carry dried chili peppers. FAIL.)

OK, so those food establishments listed above really get me through the days and weeks here. It's no NY or San Francisco or even Raleigh-Durham (where I used to live... oh, the luxury), but if you hunt hard enough you can eat veg. even in Columbia.

You just might have to cook at home a lot more.

(Oh, and forget about decent falafel. Pitas and the Mediterranean Tea Room are dreadful.)

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  1. Thanks for the report, pseudoliterati. I agree with a lot of your recommendations, and I, too, am surprised at the lack of vegetarian options, especially at the upper end. Places like Terra, Mr. Friendly's, and Motor Supply should really have more vegetarian dishes. And I find EarthFare and Fresh Market completely unreliable for the specialty items you'd expect places like that to have. I see that you don't like the Mediterranean Tea Room, either, which in my book is good evidence that you have good taste!

    I hadn't heard of Peaceful Villa; I'll have to check that out. City Roots looks like it is selling produce now, too (it's the tiny urban farm down by Owens Field), but I haven't visited yet.

    One place you don't mention is Gervais & Vine. They serve decent tapas, and they have a handful of vegetarian plates (more cold than hot). Also, DiPrato's, a pretty good deli, has at least four vegetarian sandwiches, a bunch of salads, and those great fried pitas with pimento cheese. A number of dishes at Baan Sawan (interesting Thai, near Five Points) are available with tofu instead of animal. Same goes for Mai Thai (ordinary Thai, on Sunset in West Columbia).

    What about Lamb's Bread? It is a vegan place. I haven't been so I have no idea if it is any good.

    If I think of any other vegetarian options I will post them.

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    1. re: north2south

      I did realize I forgot to mention Lamb's Bread. I've been once, and it was an odd experience. It's like vegan soul food, which is good if you like soul food... not so good if you're not a huge fan of tempeh-esque products.

      Good tips on the other places, too. I do like DiPrato's but have only been once. I found Mai Thai to be rather pedestrian and Baan Sawan a bit too pricey for me. As for Gervais & Vine, I've been meaning to try it but generally steer clear of the whole Vista scene.

      As for Peaceful Villa, you really must stop by sometime. It's a tiny place, but the couple who run it are delightful.

      Gervais & Vine
      620 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201

      1. re: pseudoliterati

        What about Al Amir? They are back downtown and they have a lot of vegetarian choices. The brick oven is now in operation. Makes Tea Room look lame!

        Tea Room
        7 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401

    2. You can get good vegetarian at Miyo's as well.

      14 Carat on Hwy 378 in Lexington has produce and is 30% off on Thursday afternoons from 2:30-5:30. Local leggs and some made-in-house things that often include vegan dishes in the fridge section near the deli.

      What about Tabouli? I had a tasty vegetarian meal there early this year.

      If you are talking about Lamb's Bread on Hampton St., it is long gone. I thought it was good vegan.

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      1. re: SweetPea

        Lamb's Bread moved to North Main Street. I think it is still open there.

        1. re: north2south

          n2s, I put in a vote for you to give it a go ; - )

      2. Hi all, I'm moving to Columbia next week (also from Raleigh) where I'm a member of a very large and active veg Meetup Group, and also the Triangle Veg Society that throws a huge vegan Thanksgiving each year.

        Since I can't find any existing Columbia veg groups I plan to start one. If you're interested in being a co-leader of the group or joining, offering advice, whatever email me at rosemary k t at yahoo or keep checking Meetup and FB for the new group!