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May 11, 2010 01:19 PM

Wedding Mini-Dessert Buffet

My daughter is getting married in July and I'm baking all of the desserts for a buffet. It's a casual, indoor/outdoor wedding, without a lot of refrigeration available.

I'm a good baker and here is the beginning of my list. I'd ultimately like to have about a dozen different choices.

Coconut macarrons
Flourless chocolate cupcakes
Assortment of mini cupcakes (carrot cake,
Frozen cheesecake pops
Key lime tarts
Peach tarts
Baklava cups
Lemon squares
Cinammon shortbread bars
Saltine butter crunch
Pecan tarts

Chowhounds, please send me your very best suggestions for a fabulous assortment of miniature desserts (looking for yummy and bite-sized, nothing that needs to be sliced and served).

Thanks in advance. Can't wait to hear your ideas.

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  1. Popcorn served in little cups or paper cones; you can do different flavors, i,e. ancho caramel corn, white chocolate almond, orange butter toffee, etc. Also, mini cobblers served in cups, mini eclairs with different fillings, mini meringues, dipped cookies & pretzels, bite sized bread puddings, a large fruit display or carved watermelon basket piled high with mixed fresh fruit would be refreshing for a summer wedding....

    1. Whew! What a comprehensive list! I assume folks will have napkins and plates so I'd suggest doing a white chocolate sauce that is liquid at room temp and use it as a dipping sauce for fresh fruit. I'd ditch the cheesecake pops if you have no refrigeration. I'd also sub out the chocolate cupcakes for min brownies just for variety's sake since you have other cupcakes.

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        If you do ditch the cheesecake pops, how about individual cheesecakes in cupcake wrappers...use 1 vanilla wafer in bottom for crust, then cheesecake & top w/ fruit. Also, how about some kind of fruit or chocolate turnover? Some kind of mousse or custard thingy?
        What a nice mom you are to do all this---and how lovely to have home made goodies at a wedding.

      2. Since it is summer, I would have something featuring fresh berries -- maybe a fresh berry and pastry cream tartlet.

        That is one big list!

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          Mexican Wedding Cakes (cookies,really).

        2. i always wanted to make chocolate filled and dipped dried figs, spiked with port/rum

          how about caramel wrapped in nice candy paper - makes a nice pocket gift.

          mousse + shortbread cookie, creme/zabagilone + berry in a shooter glass

          making tartlettes and mini pies sounds super-labor-intensive. maybe you can make a deconstructed version in a small shallow vessel topped with a pie crust "cookie" and sauce. you can even make pot-tart style pies?

          little tiny squares of opera cakes/ mousse cakes

          please report back and let us know how it went! flourless chocolate cupcakes will be on my plate=)

          1. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries are simple and always a hit

            Carrot Cake Bites

            Macarons - my new obsession... how much trouble do you want to get into?

            Mini Flan or Creme Caramel

            Pistachio Brittle

            Grilled Fruit with a Minted Cream - simplicity is oft appreciated

            Whoopie Pies or Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Pies

            You could do an assortment of Gourmet kid snacks like Twinkies, Hostess, etc... but without all the gunk