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May 11, 2010 12:32 PM

Heading Up To Jasper

Anything new?

Not a fan of Andy's Bistro but do like Fiddle River.

Would just as well skip all of the Greek spots so yes appreciate that cuts down on ones options considerably.

Thinking of La Fiesa.

Probably will order pizza at least on one of the four days from Mimi's [?], operated by Quebecois that used to be under the 2nd level of the bldg near Evil Dave's. Last fall was in the space formerly occupied by the Black Bear Bistro.

What about Evil Dave's itself?

More likely to buy picnic food to have up at Pyramid Lake or the 5th Bridge over Maligne during the day, but may eat out in the evening.

We are going to avoid the JPL altogether this trip which is no great loss when it comes to food unless it has been improved immensely.

Andy's Bistro
606 Patricia St, Jasper, AB T0E, CA

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  1. I have been to La Fiesta and it was great. I believe it is under new ownership since I've been there last so things might have changed.

    I have also been to Evil Dave's. I loved it. Cool atmosphere, just really fun and quirky and the food is awesome. Upscale comfort food.

    When I am in Jasper I love to get pizza by the slice at this little cafe on Patrica Street. It used to be called Truffles & trout, but they recently changed their name. Anyways, their spinach & feta pizza is a must-have.

    Have you ever been to Nick's Prime Rib? It is definately not 'new' but their prime rib is amazing. More of a local favorite and they have a really nice patio too.

    La Fiesta Restaurant
    504 Patricia St, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, CA

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    1. re: edmontonfoodie

      Thank you edmontonfoodie.

      We had a terrific time arriving Thursday and leaving Monday. Unlike the Victoria Day long week-end the weather co-operated and was nice, warm and sunny.

      We almost went to Evil Daves [was a little surprised by the prices posted on the menu on their door - i.e. around the $30 range but as you said, "Upscale comfort food"] and then the Korean spot but my wife did not feel like Korean food that evening.

      In the end we ate up at Pyramid Lake [where we were staying] apart from take home pizza from Lou-Lou's that I mistakenly referred to as Mimi's in my OP.

      Good quality food and warm, competent service at Pyramid Lake. We ate in the dining room one evening and two others I had their equivalent of "room service", i.e. I went down to their lounge, had a drink and brought back the food and a bottle of wine to our room.

      Not sure that I would drive out of my way if not staying there to have the food, but being there it avoided me doing the reverse, i.e. driving into town to eat and drink and then drive back. I had intended to go to Fiddle River which I have enjoyed during past visits. Notices that their posted menu is less fish oriented that it had been.

      Yes, we have eaten at Prime Rib Village in the past since we have often stayed at the Tonquin. I would not say that we have been "wowed" but it was good and solid particularly as I have directed British tourists to it after having been asked for a recommendation and commenting, "..well by now you no doubt have deduced that most of the restaurants are Greek". Yes, I know the PRV is Greek run as well.

      Also enjoyed good baking from the Black Bear Bakery to add to our breakfasts.

      Good trip. Nice time.

      1. re: Bob Mac

        Bob, I am not sure I should be glad or despair at the fact that it seems that nothing has changed much when it comes to food in Jasper. I like Jasper the way it is but would not mind a couple more options when it comes to food.
        Where is the Black Bear Bakery? Last time we were in Jasper we could not find it. We asked around and drew blank stares.

        1. re: felix the hound


          It on the west side of the street/avenue just north of Connaught close to the Pyramids (?) restaurant....the place that has been around for years but I am not sure it was open this trip. Has an aluminum, skyway type of extension.

          Just south of the 3 way stop if you are driving east on Patricia when you pass Lou-Lou's that used to the Black Bear or Black Sheep Bistro, the Korean restaurant and a Tags convenience store.

          I think they also have another spot further down across from the railway station but the one I have tried to describe had a good selection and was doing a roaring business on each of the 3 occasions we stopped in.

          1. re: felix the hound

            Its the Bear's Paw Bakery, that might be why you got the blank stares....

            1. re: cleopatra999

              Thanks Bob and Cleopatra. That explains it.

              1. re: cleopatra999

                ooops...not enough coffee or too much wine

        2. Went to Jasper for two nights on the May long weekend, and had fantastic food. My boyfriend is an omnivore and I am vegan, but we both had great meals.

          Evil Dave's was the first night, and the atmosphere was warm and casually sophisticated, if that makes sense at all. The service was friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable without being intrusive, and provided a seamless experience. My boyfriend had the halibut on the server's recommendation, and raved about it. I had the coconut curry vegetables over rice noodles, and the dish was simple and well-seasoned, a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Overall we had a perfect evening, sharing a half-litre of the house "Evil" red, and lingering over our meals.

          We had wanted to try Andy's Bistro the second night as everyone had recommended it, but we arrived a little after the 9pm closing time, and the server directed us to Fiddle River. I had my doubts walking in as the decor is a little dated, more "old Jasper" with lacquered wood and mountain artifacts adorning the walls. The service was spotty and slow, but it could have just been an off night. The food made up for our concerns about the service as soon as it arrived - the omnivore boyfriend had the beef tenderloin special, wrapped in bacon and in a lobster cream sauce. (For the record, even disregarding my long-term veganism, I thought this sounded like an odd combination!) Apparently the combination worked, as the plate was met with bite after bite followed with exclamations of approval. The kitchen made me lentil-stuffed peppers over rice, a tomatoey dish with lots of French herbs. Excellent.

          For breakfast, Coco's Cafe was our favourite - I could eat tofu scramble and the omnivore could indulge his egg and French Toast breakfast cravings. We also consumed way too many cups of the Oso Negro coffee, roasted in Nelson, BC. The cafe has counter service, limited seating, and a decidedly hippie vibe, but as we sat and relaxed, we watched a steady stream of people from all walks and occupations coming in for a quick bite or takeout. Always a good sign.

          Overall, Jasper is more expensive than an average weekend of eating in Edmonton, but that's what is to be expected in the national parks. I was surprised that both of us could eat so well with our different diets - my boyfriend actually commented that I ate "real food" all weekend, as usually it's a salad for me if he has a meat meal. I was impressed with the way the servers seemed to be better-informed and aquainted with food restrictions and allergies, and general menu knowledge.

          1. Trying to make a shortlist for 3 days/3 nights in Jasper.

            Has anyone been to La Fiesta since the ownership change? What are the best dishes to order?

            So far, these are the restaurants on my list:
            La Fiesta
            Evil Dave's
            Fiddle River
            Nick's Prime Rib
            Coco's Cafe

            What other places should I consider?

            Also, I'll be having at least a few multi-generational meals. Is Nick's Prime Rib the best bet for meals with a couple 80somethings?

            La Fiesta Restaurant
            504 Patricia St, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, CA

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            1. re: phoenikia

              Was hoping to try Evil Dave's or La Fiesta, but I quickly found out we were dining with some fairly conservative palates.

              We dined at Fiddle River. I tried their mahi mahi with a roasted pineapple cumin salsa, which was ok, but I thought I probably should have gone with the trout.

              Also had a steak at Nick's Prime Rib, which was fine, but the Prime Rib at our table looked better. Really liked the Greek Salad at Nick's Prime Rib.

              Tried a nanaimo bar & apple crumble bar from the Bear Paw Bakery, and will definitely return to try more of their baked goods if I return to Jasper.

              Actually ended up enjoying my meal at Moose's Nook in Jasper Park Lodge more than any of my meals in the town of Jasper. Expensive for what you get, but everything was tasty. Liked their mushroom soup, and scallops. The prime rib looked great, probably would have been a good choice. Neat desserts.

              Had several breakfasts at Cavell's in Jasper Park Lodge, as well as well as 2 lunches.
              Ordered the saskatoon pancakes with fresh seasonal fruit (3 for $24) the first day. 2 pancakes were fine, but 1 was undercooked. The server brought a side of white toast with the pancakes, which I thought was a little strange, considering pancakes are already carb heavy and bread-like. The fresh seasonal fruit was a tiny ramekin (approximately 2 tbsp) filled with julienned stawberry and cantelope. Decided to go with the brunch the next couple days. Found the brunch to be uninspired, and I would have rather eaten at a greasy spoon or Smitty's in Jasper. For $26 pp, I think that Okanagan peaches, plums and cherries should be included when they are in season, in addition to the imported pineapple and canteloupe.

              The seafood chowder at lunch was quite good, but snap pea risotto was oversalty.

              Although the food was pretty mediocre, the service at Cavell's was friendly.

              La Fiesta Restaurant
              504 Patricia St, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0, CA