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May 11, 2010 12:23 PM

Grocery stores near the strip

My husband & I will be staying at the Signature MGM for 6 nights next month. We're coming for the restaurants and the pools, but since we'll have a kitchen it would be nice to have some things in our room.

We're Canadian, and not familiar with US grocery chains. It looks like Vons is fairly close by, but is it any good? We're thinking of breakfasts, snack and late-night items - fresh fruit, granola, juice, maybe bulk and frozen foods - that sort of thing. And if beer & wine is cheaper than on the strip, of course we'll want that too! Any suggestions on where to go?

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  1. Just stayed at the Signature myself (great hotel) and I went to the Wallgreens on the strip which is just a few minutes walk heading North. They have a good selection of snacks, drinks and frozen items at decent prices when compared to buying things inside the hotels. They had a limited selection of fresh fruit but you could find everyting else your looking for and it also has a large pharmacy and toiletry selection if you forget someting. By the way each tower has it's own pool at the Signature which is great as the main pool at MGM was so crowded we could not stand it at all. Great service at the pool's and free bottled water is available at the finess centers which you will have access to as well.

    1. I'm not familiar with a Vons near the Signature but it a perfectly fine down-the-middle supermarket chain. If you have a car, you might want to take a trip to a Trader Joe's, which is perfect for your purposes (although TJ's produce is often subpar and/or buried under cellophane) and prices are excellent.

      1. The description of Vons as "perfectly fine down-the-middle" is dead on - you will find what you want, but nothing particularly special (the same can be said about Albertsons and Smiths, the other ubiquitous Las Vegas chains). The nearest Trader Joe's is a bit of a schlep, but the Sunflower Market at 3365 East Tropicana is not too far from Von's, and a better option for fresh produce. Both Vons and Sunflower will also bring decent liquor prices.

        1. Highly recommend you rent a car for a day of grocery shopping, visiting outlying casinos, any must see restaurants off the strip like Lotus Of Siam, and maybe even a trip out to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

          Vons... middle of the road supermartket chain. Perfectly acceptable for everything. On Tropicana, corner of Maryland Parkway.

          Albertsons... slightly better supermarket chain than Vons. Better produce and meats. On Flamingo, corner of Maryland Parkway.

          Whole Foods Market... This is where Bravo TV sends the top chefs to shop. Heavy emphasis on organic food. GREAT produce. Amazing seafood and meats. Vast variety of prepared food sold by the pound. Think salad bar on STEROIDS. Located in Town Center on Las Vegas Bvld. just north of the 215 freeway. Town Center makes for a pretty good destination itself.

          Trader Joe's Market... smaller stores with a slight bent towards organics. Good produce and breads. Vast variety of juices, wines, beers, snacks, protein bars, nuts and dairy items. Good choice of frozen meals.

          99 Ranch Market... All things Asian. Inside Chinablock. Most people say Chinatown until they've seen it, then they understand why many locals refer to it as Chinablock.

          International Marketplace... An amazing warehouse full of ethnic foods.

          1155 East Twain Avenue
          Las Vegas, NV 89169-4208
          (702) 696-0906

          1300 East Flamingo Road,
          Las Vegas, NV‎
          (702) 733-2947‎

          Whole Foods Market
          6689 Las Vegas Boulevard South
          Las Vegas, NV 89119
          (702) 589-7711

          Trader Joe's
          2716 North Green Valley Parkway
          Henderson, NV 89014-2132
          (702) 433-7385

          99 Ranch Market
          4155 Spring Mountain Road
          Las Vegas, NV 89102-8740
          (702) 364-8899

          International Marketplace
          5000 South Decatur Boulevard
          Las Vegas, NV 89118-1515
          (702) 889-2888

          If you don't want to rent a car or take a cab to the closest market, Vons will deliver for a fee. Free for first delivery IIRC. I wouldn't want to let them choose my produce, but can't beat the convenience of letting somebody else schlepp heavy bottles of soda, beer, juice, etc. for you.

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            This is terrific - thanks for all the tips everyone! We'll think about renting a car because I'd love to go to Trader Joes. And I wouldn't have thought of delivery; that's a great idea.

          2. We arrived a fortnight ago and went grocery shopping on the first day. We jumped into a taxi outside tower 3 and asked to go to Walmart superstore (as we were also wishing to buy 2 cheap mobile phones for the duration. The taxi fare was approx 11 dollars there (not inc tip) and we spent a couple of hours there as it is huge and has everything! We called for a taxi to return and although it was 20 mins waiting, it was worth it. They even sold fishing licences which my husband had booked to do on lake mead. They have a macdonalds in the store. A great find compared to the limited pricey supermarkets that tend to cater mainly to the drinkers near the strip.