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May 11, 2010 11:39 AM

picnic food to bring on a hike. help!

next weekend some friends and I will be going on a hike to a lake where we plan to eat lunch. we're all vegetarians and want to make something delicious and transportable to enjoy up top. We'll hve to drive about 1.5 hours to get there and the hike itself is about 2 hours, so it needs to be something that can last for more than 4 or so hours. I was thinking egg salad, but it spoils easily and gets soggy. Help me out, please!

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  1. What about a cold couscous and bean salad, or quinoa and bean salad?

    1. Hrm.... I'd suggest anything that requires as little packaging as possible. I'm a huge fan of Chow's tofu bahn-mi recipe (in an article with four other recipes for baked tofu lunches), which I regularly bring to school and sits for about 5+ hours unrefrigerated before I eat it. Grapes are tasty and are mostly water, good for re-hydrating. Falafel sandwiches might also be good, with hummus and baba ganoush and tabbouleh. Also you might want to bring something to snack on, I like to mix a trail mix (no chocolate, it melts!) with some wasabi peas for a bit of a kick. Or chex mix could be good. Or what about a vegetarian pain-baigne? There's lots of delicious choices for your lunch!

      1. Cheese lasts very well without chilling for hours, and you can make sandwiches or just cheese cubes. Nuts, berries, things that don't generate a lot of packaging garbage area good idea, too. Marinated and baked firm tofu sliced thin for snacks is good, or the smoked stuff.

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          I like making pressed sandwiches, which are easy to transport. Make the night before and wrap well, then put a weight on it in the fridge over night.

          I like to broil/grill marinated portobella mushrooms and use that as the meat of the sandwich. Top with cheese, arugula, roasted peppers. Yum. Toast the bread/baguette on the inside with your broiler first, and it won't get soggy as quickly.