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May 11, 2010 10:46 AM

Jewish style deli food in Denver?

As part of my exploring the Jewish style deli food of North America tour, I will be visiting Denver the week of Labor Day & Rosh Hashonna. In search of good deli, especially since I will be catering in the New Year for my DD, who will soon move there. Seeing as how she will be sharing an apartment, I am looking for good deli and Jewish food sources, as cooking space will be very limited. You can search on my name for posts about other delis I have visited. Thanks Colorado hounds

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  1. Jimmy and Drew's in Boulder is pretty good.

    1. I'm actually surprised there aren't more delis here, since TB brought a fairly large Jewish community for the supposedly beneficial climate. I guess they opened hospitals (OK, one) instead of restaurants. In Denver, there's really just Zaidy's, which isn't bad but isn't kosher. I think there might be one or two other small ones.

      1. My favorite is New York Deli News, on E. Hampden, near the Kennedy golf course. Lots of seating, (there may be some waiting), large portions, sour pickles at the table. My favorite sandwich, pastrami and chopped liver on rye, is a menu item.
        Second choice is Eastside Kosher Deli on Elm & Cherry St, just south of Leetsdale, and it's actually in Glendale. It's within the Eruv surrounding the large jewish community in Crestmoor just north of Leetsdale, in fact a group worked to expand the Eruv to include the restaurant when it moved to its location. If you go, Tell Mike hey from Veggo.

        New York Deli News
        7105 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80224

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          Oh, I forgot about NYDN. Really, it's pretty good?

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            Oh yeah, and busy enough that I had to mention they have a wait area with seating, and pickles once you get a table and have to wait a little more. Visit there other than prime time and you will breeze in and out.
            Also, for you and the OP, if you can finagle an invite to Green Gables CC, (one of my favorite Arthur Hills designed golf courses), I think an out of towner will find the food and service equal to high expectations.
            This is not relevant, but as a middle aged New England protestant who has lived in a lot of places, I was amazed at how warmly I was welcomed by the jewish community during my 8 years in Denver, and my lifelong friendships that developed there.

            1. re: Veggo

              IMO, NYDN is HORRIBLE.....quality has really gone downhill over the years and the service is not good.

              My absolute fave in the area, besides Zaidy's which has already been mentioned, is Bagel Deli off Hampden and I-25.

              Bagel Deli & Restaurant
              6439 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80222

        2. Zaidy's serves, hands down, the best Reuben I have ever had. Just my $0.02.

          1. Deli Tech, 8101 E. Belleview Ave. • Denver • 303-721-6768.
            This place imports their meat and bread from Carnegie Deli in New York. Reminds me of home. They have everything you would want in a deli. I also like Jimmy and Drews in Boulder because I live 2 miles from their restaurant. My first choice is Deli Tech.