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May 11, 2010 10:33 AM

Jidori chicken in a retail store?

I'd like to know where to buy Jidori chicken or any chicken that's really like Bell & Evans, for home cooking. Has anybody had experience eating them after being prepared at home? Supposedly chefs like them and use them at their restaurants for special chicken dishes.

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  1. I buy my chicken from Lily's eggs at the Saturday (Pico-Cloverfield) Farmer's market.
    From what I have read of the Jidori chicken, the Lily's chicken sounds mighty similar. They are very fresh; having been killed within the last 24 hours. No antibiotics, hormones, etc. The chicken is immaculately clean. The most delicious roasting chicken ever.

    1. Try Japanese markets, like Mitsuwa marketplace or Nijiya.
      Jidori chicken naturally has more flavor and tastes delicious when cooked in any style.

      1. Another option is buying the Kendor Farms chickens at either the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market or at McCalls Meat and Fish in Los Feliz. Having had Jidori many times, I'm actually more partial the richness and flavor of the Kendor Farm's birds. I forget what they feed their birds but it includes everything from farmer market produce scraps to olive-oil drenched grains.

        1. I got a couple at 99 Ranch Market (the one on Sepulveda Bl. in Van Nuys) some years ago. I used them to make a medicinal soup for the husband - the heads were horrid to look at and I had to cut them off. The soup wasn't bad but it didn't taste any different from my mother's supermarket-chicken soup.

          99 Ranch
          17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

          1. You might want to try and track this guy down and see if he sells to any retail locations: