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May 11, 2010 10:26 AM

Best Tacos in Mid-Atlantic - R & R Taqueria Rt. 175 & Rt. 1

So. I am not usually a compulsive taco eater. However, I do love mexican food and my wife loves it even more. So on my birthday, Cinco De Mayo, my good friend took me out to lunch. He said we are going to "The best Mexican food his Peruvian friend has had since coming to America."

It's called R & R Taqueria / R & R Cafe. And get this, he tells me it is inside a gas station! OK, so I'm a bit worried. Great Mexican foord in a gas station? At least it was a Shell Station instead of some no name fill up shack.

As soon as I got my tacos i was a convert! We're talking an instant conversion! I had the Tacos Al Carnitos, the Tacos Al (Lamb), and the Tacos Al Pastor. If you you are only going to try one flavor. Go for the Tacos all Pastor!

It's been less than a week and I have been back to R & R more than 8 times. I've taken my wife and son with me and I now on a first name basis with Rodrigo. At $2.00 a taco, it has become my favorite lunch stop.

If you want to experience taco bliss, go to the Shell Station at the intersection of Rt. 175 and Rt. 1 right off I-95 at exit 41.

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  1. They're always incredibly friendly there, and I think they have the best lengua tacos in the area. Some times the meat there does seem a little underseasoned, though. In the area, I also love the taco's at Lily's Mexican Market in Columbia. While I love tacos al pastor, a don't believe that either place is currently making it on a spit (Lily's used to), and I believe that makes a huge difference in the texture and flavor.

    Lily's Mexican Market
    6490 Dobbin Rd Ste N, Columbia, MD 21045

    1. The chorizo is spiced pretty well. I need to check out the Torta truck up the road on Rt 1. Have either of you tried it?

      To tie an earlier thread about them together with this one:

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        Oh, and while I really like R&R, I still give El Charrito Caminante in Arlington the overall edge.

        El Charrito Caminante
        2710 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

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          I'm off to try Lily's for lunch today and will get back to y'all.