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May 11, 2010 09:59 AM

New York One Day

Will be in NY for one day. Was thinking of a deli for lunch and maybe Chinese for dinner. Someone suggested Liebman's in Riverdale for lunch. Who has the best Chinese in NY (Manhattan or Brooklyn)?

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  1. If you accept the hashgacha and want vegetarian go to Budda Bodai in Chinatown. Other than that I can not recommend any Chinese restaurant in Manhattan.

    Is there a reason you are thinking deli and Chinese? That sounds like stereotypical kosher food from 20 years ago. The variety and quality of kosher food has vastly improved since then, especially in New York. If you are willing to expand your pallet, there are Mexican, Indian, French, Italian(meat and milk), Moroccan, Persian, and other cuisines that would all be recommended over the deli and Chinese available.

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      This person is probably from way out of town. When those folks come in, they always go for the deli and Chinese. It's basic and good and something they don't have out there wherever they live.

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        Yes, but if they have any kosher restaurants where they live it's probably a deli or Chinese. And my question can really be summed up like this, "do you really want deli and Chinese, or do you want the best kosher food available and only know to think about deli and Chinese?"

    2. shang chai in bklyn, flatbush avenue

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        I second this! Best Chinese food I've ever had.

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          I cannot agree. I was there twice or three times, about 10-15 years ago, and I think I gave it a fair try. Not good at all.

          The best Chinese place used to be China Mehadrin on Ave J and E 12th, at least for takeaway; though there were a few seats for those who had nowhere to take it away to. But it closed a year or two ago.

          Nowadays I don't know of anywhere better than China Glatt or the place across from Dougies.

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            Taste is individual. I agree that 2-3 times is giving a place a fair try. But , I'm basing this on having eaten their food within the past 12 months. It's possible that in the 10-15 years since you've been there, it's improved.

      2. By far the best Chinese is Wing Wan in West Hempstead- Not a fancy place but great Chinese food & sushi

        1. Depending on your level of kashrut, before going to Liebman's I would check the haschgacha.

          1. According to the Lieberman website they are open 7 days a week and there is no mention of who if anyone gives a Hashgacha. So this might be a non starter for you

            My personal favorite is Mr Broadway on 38th and Broadway in Manhattan which combines a tradional deli, steakhouse, chinese restaurant and Israeli grill