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May 11, 2010 07:47 AM

Good herbs, tomato, vegetable plants in Brooklyn or queens?

Starting a vegetable/herb garden and need a place to buy all the plants. Too late to work with seeds so any idea where to get high grade veggie and herb plants in the Brooklyn and queens area?

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  1. dont know where you are - in downtown brooklyn area, you can buy good herb and tomato plants from the vendors at the GAP Saturday market, as well as from Gowanus Nursery in RedHook (not cheap but good) and Shannon florist on Fort Ham Parkway across from Greenwood Cemetery.

    1. Hi mahjede,

      In Flushing, I like Garden World

      as well as Keil Brothers

      You'll need a car but those two places are within blocks of each other. Garden World is a little bigger and cheaper than Keil Brothers, which is a bit more high end.

      Closer to Brooklyn (though you'll still need a car) is the Home Depot on Woodhaven Boulevard, which I have found to be a little larger and better the most other Home Depots in the City when it comes to plants. But get there early as it can be a madhouse on weekends. - Home Depot, 75-09 Woodhaven Boulevard Glendale, NY 11385

      Hope this helps you out!


      Glendale is hungry...

      1. I get all my plants at the Brooklyn Borough Hall greenmarket (Court and Montague Streets, 8AM-6PM Tues, Thurs, Sat). Veggie plants are $1 each and have always done right by me. I think herbs are $3 each or maybe 3 for $6, I can't remember. There are several subway lines nearby.

        1. My suggestion would be to take the train to Union Square on Wednesday or Saturday and look for the Silver Heights Farm booth. They have a lot of great plants you won't find everywhere else.

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            the farmers markets, even some of the grocery stores offer heirloom tomato varieties as well as very good herb selections. As good as Union Square market is there is little reason for Brooklynites to head over there these days.