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May 11, 2010 07:35 AM

"caracoles" in Madrid

Hello every one,

When we were in Sevilla two years ago we tumbled upon a local bar in a non touristy area which served wonderful "caracoles.

As we are going to Madrid in two weeks, we would love to find them at local bars there
Would appreciate your help as to where...?
Shall stay near "Plaza Espana" and would not mind taking the metro or the bus

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Caracoles are not so popular as in Sevilla. You'll find it in "Bar Los Caracoles", Calle Toledo 106, Nearest metro: Puerta de Toledo.

    1. A lot of the old-school castizo bars serve caracoles... Off the top of my head, there are three in La Latina:

      --Casa Amadeo (a.k.a. Los Caracoles)--Plaza de Cascorro (just a bit down the hill from Bar Cruz) specialized in snails
      --Los Caracoles--calle de Toledo 106--on the northwest side of the Puerta de Toledo
      --Bar Cruz--a dive bar that has a little terraza outside in the Plaza de Cascorro--not as specialized as the two places above, but a good selection of other mariscos, too.

      Also, there's the Catalan spot, La Huerta de Lleida in the Plaza Santo Domingo (the town of Lleida is known for its snails.).

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        Those old bars with the little signs with a drawing of a snail that say "hay caracoles" always look so dirty - you imagine that they peel them (the snails) off the walls in the basement. You usually have to ask for the key to the bathroom. Why is it that those places where you need a key always have the filthiest toilets?
        Good luck with your snail quest!

        1. re: arobmadrid

          From my own experience, those are die-hard neighborhood spots and anyone local knows to go home when the urge hits. Snails aren't high-brow food, for the most part.

        2. re: butterfly

          Thank you JuanDoe and butterfly for your reply.

          Any one else, please?