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May 11, 2010 07:34 AM

Malabar Spinach...Tropical Spinach

I just started 2 bushes of Malabar Spinach. I only heard about them recently so I've decided to give them a chance. Its a viney plant and they have not wasted any time growing. I put a tomato cage over them and after 2 weeks they are already up to the top. I've been snipping off the top 6 inches of the vine to try and get it to be more bushy. The young leaves are delicious but I have not yet actually eaten it as a meal. As the leaves get bigger they get a little more spongy almost like 2 leaves with a little filling in between.....I'd be curious if anyone else has cultivated them for a source of spinch like vegetable. My google results say they are quite nutritious.

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  1. I just got some seeds and was going to give it a try. Like to hear your experience.

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      My first update would be that you certainly wont go hungry for greens...these things are growing like weeds. I bought 2 small plants at a local nursery, they must have been about 3 inches high to start. I was advised to grow them on a trellis but I don't really have a lot of garden space.

      1. re: EErika

        A trellis ohhhh Maybe Ill cut as baby greens Maybe I should have read more before I bought seeds, I read it can grow to 14 feet.

    2. ask on the home cooking board about recipes for cooking malabar spinach, and then ask about the plant. i'll bet lucky fatima would know.....