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May 11, 2010 07:04 AM

Substitue for lady fingers for tiramisu?

Does anyone have a substitue for lady fingers for tiramisu? Or, does anyone know where you can find kosher lady fingers? I always thought stella dora made them but haven't been able to find them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I've always seen ladyfingers in the kosher supermarkets in Brooklyn. I know Moisha's (on ave M) sometimes has them in the baking section, not the cookie section. Usually they're a 'kosher' or Israeli brand.

    1. For crisp ladyfingers, Paskes imports a brand from France that comes in a clear and blue bag. Usually in cookie aisle of kosher supermarkets. For soft ladyfingers, there's a kosher-pareve brand. I think it's called Specialty. You can usually find it in supermarkets near the whipped cream and dairy products or near the breads.

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        The Paskesz are on the aviglatt website (they have a couple of others, too - search for "lady fingers" - two words):

      2. I usually get the blue and white French package mentioned - I wonder about using (store bought) butter cake or sponge cake.

        1. I have used Stella Dora margherite cookies. It's not traditional, but I thought the final product came out well.

          1. I saw the lady fingers today at the Shoprite in Paramus, NJ. (they were pareve). The brand looked very no-name "Specialty Bakers". Don't know where the OP lives, but just in case, it's with the very first display of fruit on the left side of the entrance, near the flowers. There were also pareve dessert shells (cake like).

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              This type of lady fingers is very frequently found in the produce section of supermarkets, often near the strawberries. They are often heckshered, and usually parve. I know I have seen them in Waldbaums, Stop & Shop, Pathmark, etc. over the years.