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May 11, 2010 06:18 AM

Ethically Kosher Meat in San Francisco

Does anyone know whether it is possible to buy ethically kosher meat in San Francisco? If so, how and where? Thanks so much!

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  1. Liz can you define exactly what you are looking for? Do you want meat that is both certified kosher and "ethical" or "ethically kosher" without caring about shechita/salting/and the other traditional aspects of kashrut? Also, what are you looking for in terms of "ethics". Do you want organic, free range, local, antibiotic free, grass fed, specific slaughtered method, etc...?

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      I am interested in BOTH ethically kosher and kashrut kosher. In terms of ethically kosher, I am interested in making sure that the animal and everyone involved in the slaughtering of that animal is treated with respect throughout the process. I have a SIL that feels strongly about this issue and I'd like to get her a birthday steak. Thanks!

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        Good luck. I don't know of anything, and I lived up there for quite some time. But then again, I don't know of any meat companies certified by that conservative organization, or any "ethical" orthodox organization. Come to think of it, I don't know of anyone else who cares enough to not purchase meat that isn't "ethically" certified. Until people do, I can't believe that the major kosher meat packers will pay more than lip service to it.

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          GanEden, YOU might not know anyone, but you shouldn't imply that no one cares about this without doing a little research. I personally buy all my meat and poultry from Kol Foods, precisely to ensure the animals involved were treated humanely -both when raised, and in the slaughtering process. Since Kol is still in business, I have to assume there are plenty of others that care about humane treatment of animals, an ethical approach, AND kosher.

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            With all due respect, the OP seemed to be asking about ready availability of "ethical" meat in San Francisco, and in the post I was responding to directly, seemed to want very small quantities (a birthday steak). In other words, not a shipment from the east coast. The fact that a small business exists to service a small (but perhaps growing) population of like-minded consumers does not surprise me in the least. But it would surprise me if such meat found enough demand in mainstream stores to cause major meat packers to become certified "ethical".

    2. I think Kol Foods is the way to go. Periodically, Bay Area folks go in together on a bulk order, to mitigate against the high costs of shipping.

      If you're looking for chicken (but I think you want beef), you can get Wise Organic chicken and sometimes turkey at some Whole Foods and at Oakland Kosher.

      You could also call Oakland Kosher and Tel Aviv Kosher and find out if either of them have a way to get meat for you...

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        I purchase from Kol foods on a regular basis, and highly recommend their meat and poultry. However, I would not call Wise organic chicken ethical. I emailed them to find out about their practices, and they would not even respond. I did a little follow up research and found out that while the chicken is organic, the chickens are raised in the same dismal conditions as standard, commercial chickens. Organic is a commitment to the feed only - it does not come with ethical considerations