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May 11, 2010 06:08 AM

Unusual food on the strip? Going in 2 months to Vegas...staying at Venetian.

We are looking to try some things like bone marrow, pork belly, foie gras, while unusual for some people (like us) I know the chowhounds will know where to get the best of these. So maybe not as exotic as the things in Chinatown but different for someone who lives in the country and has never been to Vegas. Don’t want to eat a whole meal of this but would like to try something different. One of the items we are looking at is the lamb’s tongue at B&B, if that gives you any ideas.

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  1. You can actually do quite well by just strolling around the Venetian/Palazzo compound. Bouchon's goes to the top of the list for foie gras, although Pinot Brasserie and Delmonico's would also make the list. The blood sausage at Bouchon's may also be something along the lines of what you are looking for. CUT has bone marrow done a couple of different ways on their appetizer menu, and also pork belly as a regular menu staple, although that also shows up often at several of the other places as specials (particularly at Enoteca San Marco). And B&B will bring a plethora of options off the beaten path - in addition to the lamb's tongue that you have referred to, there will usually be their "Tripe alla Romano", sweetbreads, and a beef cheek ravioli dish accented by crushed duck liver.

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      Hi, I'm the Mom and the one who wants the others to expand their horizons as far as food goes. Thanks QAW for the reply. Can anyone recommend a specific presentation for the foie gras or bone marrow? Remember these are people who the most exotic thing they have eaten is veal. We are willing to go to Wynn/Encore or somewhere close as we will be walking so not at the other end of the strip.