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May 11, 2010 02:50 AM

Help Please!!

I'm trying to arrange a dinner for students from across Canada who are attending a conference at Concordia....but I'm located in BC!! Can someone suggest a restaurant (or two) that is: 1) close to Concordia (walking or cheap cab), 2) is affordable for students and 3) will appeal to 'the masses'.
I'm hoping for a decent restaurant that will have a menu appealing to all kinds of people - from picky eaters to vegetarians (I don't know who's who in this group!).
Thank you for all your suggestions and help!!!! :D

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  1. Hi Melannie, how big is your group? That will help narrow down the choices!

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    1. re: kpzoo

      ...the group will probably be 20, tops. (if only people would rsvp!!) haha!

      1. re: Melannie

        So what i am saying is basically, i would go lebanese (or other related cuisines turkish, armenian, possibly greek). it is -in my opinion- very Montreal, very vegetarian friendly, and very picky eater friendly, yet it still has some slightly adventurous choices like lamb and possibly lebanese tartars if you are at a higher end place.

    2. I have taken that many students to vegetarian friendly avesta (Turkish) and kebab palace (on guy). and we have ordered food for 50 from boustan, but i do not know how big the resto is.

      1. McGibbons Pub on Bishop, seconds away from Concordia

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        1. Try Ariel on Drummond you can actually make create a menu for the gathering incorporating the various tastes with a price range.They can cordon off one of their rooms if you choose. Ask for Dan at 514-282-9790

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            Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback!!! I appreciate it so much!